Fresh Out of the Shower

While Lion was in the shower, I changed the bed. As soon as he got out, I pulled out the spanking bench and got it ready. I put a towel across it and, since I haven’t figured out how to permanently attach them, I put the straps through the legs. That same towel goes on the bed in case I make him bleed. I already had paddles ready.

Lion was surprised I was spanking him the minute he got out of the shower despite my saying I would. Maybe he thought I’d wait a few minutes. I didn’t want to have him get all comfy in bed only to have to move to the spanking bench. I also avoided his falling asleep before I spanked him. Sometimes I think ahead. Spanking him early also meant he could recover a bit before playing.

I had no real reason for spanking him. He hadn’t forgotten the coffee pot or the shower door. He had, however, interrupted me a few times. I never told him about it. I’m still struggling with that. Lion, silly boy that he is, kept saying he needs to be spanked when he goes too long without one. Eventually, he annoys me enough that I give it to him. Of course, he’s never happy once I get the bench out. Then suddenly I’m the mean one and he grumbles as he gets into position.

I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t thinking about making sure I got his crack red. I wasn’t thinking about bruising him or making sure he didn’t bleed. I just wanted to give him a good spanking. He did wind up bleeding but not very badly. I think I got him good, but in the process two things happened. Since the dog hurt my wrist, it’s been tender when I move it certain ways. Swatting Lion with that arm, hurt my wrist sometimes. Swatting him with the other arm, bothered my shoulder. Neither one stopped me from spanking for the full ten minutes. The other thing I noticed was that the paddles seemed to be slipping out of my hands more than usual. Maybe it was because I was distracted by things hurting. Some of the paddles have wrist straps. I may have to put wrist straps on the others.

After dinner, my hand was hurting. I’m falling apart lately. Again, the doctor thinks there’s nothing to worry about. She’s not the one falling apart. This morning I woke up with a stiff neck. A few Tylenol and that will go away. I’m not ignoring Lion tonight.

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