At Least I Don’t Tickle Mrs. Lion’s Nose


I just put a survey on Twitter asking men about the state of their pubic hair. You can vote by clicking here. I’m curious to see what other guys are doing. I don’t have pubic hair and haven’t for over twenty years. Before I met Mrs. Lion, I had a doctor do laser hair removal. It was very successful on the hair above my penis. After twenty-plus years, only a small patch at the base of my penis grows back. I had to stop the laser treatments on my balls. It was too painful. Still, very little grows there after the five or six treatments I did get there.


Mrs. Lion waxes away any remaining pubic hair. She also waxes my chest, pits, and butt. She says (“Not Really Happy“) that she could “get used” to that patch on the base of my penis growing out. It tickles her nose. We are both used to seeing me without body hair. Even though she doesn’t like waxing me, we both like the results.

Before any manscaping, I had a lot of pubic hair. When I was divorcing my ex-wife, I decided to do some trimming. It wasn’t radical; I just cut the hair on top to about two inches. I met a woman who became my lover. She and I discovered BDSM together. She had almost no pubic hair. Grooming wasn’t necessary. One day, when she had me tied to the bed on my back, spread-eagle, she brought in a razor and a bowl of warm water. Without a word, she began shaving my pubic hair.

I objected. She shushed me and said that she liked the way I looked when I was trimmed. She thought that was my natural state. She decided to take all the hair because she preferred bare skin. I couldn’t argue. That was the first time I lost my pubic hair. She shaved me every week and included my butt as well. We were together for about six months. When we broke up, I let it grow back. Then, another partner shaved her pussy and told me that she wanted to shave me as well. That was the last time I had pubic hair.

I believe that Mrs. Lion could easily get used to my hair growing back. It would look silly. All that would grow back is a small patch of fine hair just over the base of my penis and stringy long hairs on my balls. It would be most unattractive. I’ve grown used to bare skin. I like how it looks and feels. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion is willing to wax me every month.


  1. I think that being hairless makes a statement about the person’s interest in their sexuality. It says that I think about it and care about it on a regular basis. For a man it can also mean that he wishes to be feminized. I certainly do. My wife first shaved my pubes entirely about ten years ago. It was very exciting. I prefer to be completely hairless, she prefers that I have pubes on my mound so I keep my balls and ass shaved all the time. She typically cuts my pubes off and shaves them for the first time in the fall or early winter, then I keep it clean until Spring when she instructs me to let it grow out for the summer. A few years ago she was shaving my pubes and continued down my thighs. It was very exciting when she proceeded to use the electric clippers to shear my legs, then shave them smooth. Last year she extended this to my underarms. I love looking at myself in the mirror with no body hair from my neck down. We have not waxed yet, but I am very interested in trying it.

    1. Author

      I don’t associate being hairless with feminization. I realize that a lot of men do. At this point, it’s just the way I am. I like it.

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