After the burnt pizza fiasco, Lion lamented the lack of fresh food in the house. I could live off of frozen food forever. Lion needs fresh. Obviously, he can’t drive. I’m the one tasked with shopping. For a few years, I’ve been doing an online order and picking it up on the way home from work or if I happen to be heading in that direction. I’ve also had the order delivered when I know I won’t be going out any time soon. Before my trip east, I discovered that a different store has a cheaper delivery price. Yes, please. Why Lion can’t ask me to do an order is beyond me. Is that like initiating sex? Does he think he’s imposing on my time? I’d prefer that to hearing him complain when there’s no salad stuff or other vegetables.

Anyway, I placed an order for delivery on Sunday. It was due between 1 and 5. This is prime waxing time. I figured no matter when I decided to start, the order would come in the middle. Then I figured it wouldn’t really matter. They drop it off and leave. Normally. This time the guy rang the doorbell. Twice. Shit. Did I forget to check the box that says it’s okay to leave the delivery? No. He just wanted to make sure I knew where the receipt was. Great…except that I was right in the middle of jerking Lion off with oil. That’s the best part of the waxing. Dammit! Talk about anticlimactic.

Lion went to take a shower and I put the groceries away. I noticed he forgot to set up the coffee pot. His leg had been hurting him and my head was hurting on and off. I was going to let him off the hook if he didn’t do it before 5. I was sitting in bed when he came out of the shower and said he had a headache too. I guess it’s a good thing we both felt yucky because he left the shower door open too. If he was going to get a free pass for the coffee pot, he might as well get a free pass for the shower door.

I still have my headache. I think Lion’s went away. I think his leg feels better too. I’ll take some Tylenol later and be back in fighting form for some Lion attention later on.

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