Lion didn’t sleep very well last night. His allergies have been bothering him. I sent both robot vacuums through the bedroom the other day. They each have their advantages. The first one tends to pull the dog fur up, but not suck it up. The second one is better at sucking it up. He felt better after vacuuming, but I didn’t change the bed over the weekend. I guess when his rug dander issues went away, his bed dander issues came to the forefront. Once I change the bed, he should be fine.

Assuming he snoozes while I make dinner, he may be ready for love in his nice clean bed. If so, I’ll do some dirty things to him. I’m sure he’ll love the idea of some oral attention. Even if he’s not really in the mood, we can have some fun trying. As long as it feels good, I don’t consider it a waste of time. I only stop when one of us has had enough, if he says he doesn’t think he’s getting anywhere or if I start to hurt.

I don’t know if he started up again with his electronic Kegel exercises or not, but I’m looking forward to some Lion cream in a few days. First, I need to get him excited enough. We’re still trying to work out the best way to do that. When I sit on the edge of the bed and try to jerk him off, I don’t hit the right spot. I’ve been doing it that way because other positions were too uncomfortable for me. It’s time to get more creative. I’ll do whatever it takes even if it means putting him back on the waxing table and slathering him with oil again. Of course, he’ll need to take another shower if I do that. It’s a small price to pay for cream filling.

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  1. You give so much attention to Lion. He must be very pleased with it.

  2. We joke that changing the sheets is a sure way to initiate sex!

    1. Sounds like a clever plot to get you to change the sheets. 🙂

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