Less Fairness, Please

I didn’t set up the coffee pot on Friday. By the time I thought about doing it, we were close to leaving for my medical appointment. I asked Mrs. Lion if I could hold off doing it. I have a 5 PM deadline. She agreed. When we got home (after 5), I asked to be excused from doing it. She agreed. It’s very rare for her to be so agreeable about a chore. I was grateful.

Chore or not, Mrs. Lion said (and wrote “Checking Out His Ass“) that she was going to spank me on Friday night. It had been twelve days since my last trip to the spanking bench. It had also been the same number of days since my last orgasm. I didn’t expect to get one of those. In the same post, Mrs. Lion promised to do a lot of teasing before giving me a chance to ejaculate.

The spanking didn’t materialize. Mrs. Lion’s arm was bothering her. I assume that I can expect a sore bottom as soon as it feels better. Edging might be part of the same package.

Mrs. Lion sometimes needs reminding to do things. I don’t remind her to spank me. I’m not sure she would welcome that sort of reminder. Sometimes, I remind her that my penis would love attention. I find that difficult to do. I know that she will do something if I ask, even if she doesn’t feel like it. That makes me feel guilty.

We have a magnet covered with the word “Ouch” that Mrs. Lion can use to remind herself to paddle me. I think she forgot to use it after announcing that she was going to spank me. I hope she remembers that she owes me one. It isn’t so much that I want to be spanked. I need consistency.

While I’m grateful that she gave me a pass on Friday, I’m also a little unhappy that she did. I like it when Mrs. Lion is consistent. I realize that I prefer that she punishes all infractions without worrying about being fair. I’m sure there will be times when fairness has to win out. Mrs. Lion is too willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want that. Ultimately, we are both happier when she is less flexible.