The Meaning Of Strict

I realize that there are a lot of definition shifts when it comes to domestic discipline. Almost everyone who wants to be disciplined uses words that can easily confuse. The first that I think of is “strict.” When used in the context of discipline and daily life, it evokes very negative images.

Living under strict discipline is the polar opposite of freedom. However, strict in the domestic discipline context is something else. I don’t think many dominant partners want to deal with strictly enforcing every aspect of another person’s life. There would be no time left for her own. Yet her husband wants her to be strict with him.

The first bit of information the disciplinary partner needs is that you and you alone get to decide what you enforce if you are in charge. Your partner may want you to micromanage his life, but you certainly don’t have to. Micromanagement falls under the category of BDSM and is restricted to limited scenes under controlled conditions. No one can live 24/7 that way.

Strict domestic discipline is the creation and consistent enforcement of rules. Some rules can be very specific. I have two: Set up the coffee pot for the next morning, and close the shower door. Failing to do either gets me spanked 100-percent of the time. Other rules can be more subjective. For example, I’m not to annoy Mrs. Lion or act like a know-it-all. If I do, she should spank me. Most of the time, I’m not. That’s because enforcing subjective rules is difficult for most wives.

Our domestic discipline can easily fade from view with only two rules being strictly enforced. One technique that Mrs. Lion uses is the “just because” spanking. This is a full disciplinary spanking administered if too much time has gone by since my last punishment. She decides when to administer the “just because” spanking. It can be as little as a few days or as long as three weeks.

The “just because” spankings give her a chance to remember any subjective offenses I may have committed and punish them. Even if there were no remembered offenses, the spanking renews our commitment to a disciplinary relationship.

There is another reason for regular, strict spankings. I want them. Most people who are under domestic discipline find the idea of spanking arousing. I hate it when it’s happening, but I get very turned on thinking about being spanked. This odd combination works in Mrs. Lion’s favor.

My sexual arousal thinking about being spanked assures that I will willingly mount the spanking bench for punishment. Because I hate the painful spanking that I get provides the punishment needed to help teach me to obey. The sexual attraction is strong enough to cause me to “forget” how much Mrs. Lion’s paddles hurt.

Speaking of pain, a strict spanking is supposed to hurt and keep hurting after it’s done. When Mrs. Lion is in full punishment mode, it will hurt for me to sit down days after she spanked me. After the pain fades, I can get hard thinking about that spanking.

It has to seem odd that there is any educational value in an activity that can make me hard. It isn’t. From what I’ve learned, my reaction to spanking is common in the world of domestic discipline. It’s very useful since the sexual component assures my willingness to accept real punishment. The extremely painful spanking overcomes any immediate sexual feelings and focuses me on the consequence of my offense.

Mrs. Lion wrote that I’m due for a “just because” spanking. It’s been ten days since my last spanking. I agree that I’m due; not that I get a vote.