The First Step

Lion finally got his clothespins last night. It’s difficult to assess how much he “enjoys” things like that. Obviously, like a spanking, it turns him on when he thinks about it. While it’s happening, not so much, although he was getting hard. I used the clothespins with the stair tread on them. They grab on more. I don’t know how many I put on him, but there were enough in all the right places to make him wince both going on and coming off.

When I was done with the clothespins, I told him I needed him across the bed. He agreed. I knew he wouldn’t turn down a blow job. I’d already decided he wasn’t getting an orgasm. I want to get him super horny before he has one. It’s been a while since we played and I want to build up a little more suspense. In the recent past, I’ve been edging him a few times and then giving him an orgasm. This time, I want to make him wait a bit.

Things were moving along. I started out slowly sucking him. I figured it might take a while to get him anywhere near the edge. I thought we were on the right track. And then we derailed. Sometimes that happens. It’s not a big deal. He doesn’t know what went wrong. I still sucked on him for a little while. I figured if he could get hard again, we’d go from there. If not, at least I made him feel good for longer.

Tonight, I have a work function. I also have to make a run to the store to pick up prescriptions. It’s right near the restaurant, so it sort of works out. I just probably won’t be home in time to play with Lion. I guess that all depends on whether he snoozes while I’m gone. He might be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and looking for love. Even if he isn’t, we can snuggle. The main thing is not to lose the momentum from last night.

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  1. Clothespins, like alligators, clung to the unfortunate Lion.

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