Supply Chain Issue

I guess Lion didn’t have to worry about sex being too close to punishment last night. I spanked him in the morning, and he had an orgasm at night. It might have been too soon to give him an orgasm though. He didn’t produce any yummy cream filling. Bummer. Maybe he hadn’t replenished his supply. Apparently, the supply chain issue has hit the Lion household. I’ll have to give him some time to manufacture more.

I forgot to lock him up again when I was done. I promised myself that I’d see the ring when I gave him his eye drops. Four trips to his nightstand and I still forgot. I was pretty tired by that time, so I’m not surprised. I should score some points for realizing it this morning. I probably should have locked him up as soon as I discovered my mistake, but I didn’t. I’ll play with him tonight and then lock him away.

He may not be ready for play tonight. He’s had two orgasms in three days. He’s not used to action like that. Maybe my weenie will play dead. Maybe he’s thinking it’s too much and if he just lays there, I’ll leave him alone. Silly weenie. Doesn’t he know he’s scheduled for attention every night? He doesn’t have to get hard, but I will fondle him anyway. I’ll give him a few days and then maybe I’ll try for another orgasm. I’m making up for lost time again.

When I went to take my shower, the shower door was closed. Lion had learned his lesson, at least for now. I’m not sure how long he’ll remember. It is a fairly new rule. I seem to remember to close the door more often than he does and I’m the forgetful one. He’ll learn. His buns depend on it.