As you can see, Lion’s locking cock ring allows him to get hard. He says he can feel it when he gets erect.

I unlocked Lion from the locking cock ring Tuesday night. When he bought the padlock, I thought it was unnecessary. I have the key needed to unlock the ring’s special screw. Why do we need a padlock? I figured it was one more thing he bought, thinking I’d want to use it when I don’t. The other night, he asked if I wanted to use it. I didn’t. Was I sure? Yes. Was I really sure? Yes, but I did it because he wanted me to want to do it. As soon as I got it out of the package, I realized it had somewhat sharp edges. I put it on anyway. Lion felt the sharp-ish edges and decided he’d rather stick with the screw. Live and learn.

Anyway, I unlocked him, edged him within an inch of his life, and then forgot to put the ring back on. He was wild on Wednesday. Not that it really matters. He’s able to fondle his weenie with or without the ring on. The sole purpose of the ring was to encourage me to give him attention. By the way, he’s under no obligation to remind me to put the ring on. In the past, it was his job. In the past, I’ve also asked him to remind me. I thought about doing that Tuesday night, but ultimately decided it’s my responsibility. If I don’t remember, it’s my fault. Lion shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Since I’ve committed to giving Lion attention every night, is there really a need for the cock ring? I guess you could argue there isn’t. You could also argue that it’s all part of the pageantry, so it is necessary. Assuming I remember, it will remain. And assuming there are no sore spots that need a rest from the friction. Given the fact that it doesn’t really restrict him and doesn’t tend to pinch, the only thing reminding Lion he’s wearing the ring is the weight of it. Of course, he’s not the one who needs reminding.

[Lion — I am generally aware of the ring. I am especially aware when I pee or start to get hard.]

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