Body Image

I don’t know about other bloggers, but I rarely think about how revealing a blog can be. For example, over four million people have seen my naked body. That’s a big number. My face is the only part of me that hasn’t been published here. Every single orgasm since 2014 has been graphically documented here. Any adult can read about my sex life.

I suppose that was my goal when I started publishing. I certainly didn’t think about this in detail. I wanted to write about our adventures with male chastity. Well, duh, that had to include a lot of information about my penis—much more than I expected.

What I wanted was a chance to offer real information about male chastity. Mrs. Lion contributes every day too. She makes sure that what I write is accurate and fills in missing details. The result is a lot more than authoritative male chastity information. It’s a no-holds-barred look at my sex life.

I’ve gotten a lot out of writing here. Mrs. Lion learns how I’m feeling and what I might want or not want. I learn her reactions to what we do. The blog fine-tunes our activities. We are only two readers. There are many more. It’s not the same as just having sex in public. Our readers know what we offer and come because they are interested.

Still, I have no control over who gets to see my bare, spanked bottom or my hairless genitals. If you want to see it, you can. I can’t stop you. I’m generally aware of this on some level. When a reader reacts positively, it’s exciting and makes me want to do more. When the response is hurtful, I wonder why I did this in the first place.

I also thought about which image makes me feel most exposed. Ironically, it isn’t a closeup of my erect penis. It’s a picture I took outdoors a few years ago. I’m standing naked on our deck. All of my imperfections are clearly visible—lumpy lion. I’m not sure I ever published it. It’s me at my most vulnerable.

I thought a lot about sharing this image. It dispels any fantasies about my body. It’s unlikely you will find me sexy after you see it. I doubt you read the blog because you are attracted to me.


  1. What? not a single response? I am sorry. You deserve a response if only in recognition of all the effort you put in to this blog.
    That is an interesting situation to consider, that photos of your very naked body have been seen by so many. An exhibitionist’s dream?
    Being vulnerable can be scary, but exciting.

    I am sure that I first found your blog as I wandered around the internet reading about male chastity. Over the years it has been an interesting to to follow your journey. What makes your blog particularly interesting to me has always been the very unique and active participation by both partners. It is great to hear about the same situation from both sides of the relationship. I can also relate to much of it as my wife and I are having some similar travails with aging and changing.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind comment. We each try to make every post as accurate as we can. I’m sure we could get more readers if we embellished a bit, but it isn’t why we are here. I have been disappointed (in a weird way) that images of my body don’t get any response. I know that several million people have seen them. Makes me a porn star, I guess. 🙂

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