Unloaded Then Locked

Lion is locked in his cock ring. He isn’t complaining since he can still get hard. (Obviously this picture is before waxing.)

When I was trying to motivate myself to clean up the dinner dishes, Lion asked if I was showering. I’ve been on a roughly every-other-day routine since I’ve been working from home. If I feel particularly yucky, I shower more often. I also owed Lion a spanking because he left the shower door open again. However, as I was motivating myself, he mumbled something under his breath. He thinks I don’t listen to him most of the time. I asked what he said, and he claimed it wasn’t important. That’s interesting because what I thought I heard was something about being too late. Would that be too late for sex? I assumed so without asking him. [Lion — I didn’t mumble about anything being “too late.” I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it wasn’t about sex. I think I said it was late to spank me; not too late. I was thinking about our earlier conversation about punishing closer to the offense.]

Since he needs time to recover after a spanking, and I didn’t want it to be too late for sex, despite his nap while I was making dinner, I decided to push off the spanking and shower so I could “service” the Lion. (My ex had a friend who would say he serviced his girlfriend. It made me think he was sleazy.) If he wanted sex, he’d have to put up with a potentially stinky Lioness. I don’t think I am, by the way. [Lion — She isn’t.]

He asked me to get the bag with the locking cock ring so he could look for it while I took my shower. We found the ring and the key, so we were all set. Then I told him I was delaying his spanking. He was happy about that even though he’d just talked about having the punishment closer to the crime. I guess sex outweighs that idea. Sex outweighs a lot of ideas. Before I locked him up, I wanted to give him a fond farewell. When I first locked him up, all those years ago, I made him masturbate for me one last time so I could see his technique. I certainly wasn’t going to have him masturbate this time around. But I could do it for him.

Without lube, only stroking down his penis is almost impossible. I didn’t want to make a mess, so I just jerked him off the old-fashioned way. Of course, I wasn’t going straight for the gold. I wanted him to work for his orgasm. I edged him a few times to make him sweat. Then I gave him his orgasm. Unfortunately, it didn’t produce more than a trickle although it did leak out a little while later. I’d much rather have it all at once, so I have a reward too, but we’ll take what we can get. He’s still keeping up with his electronic Kegels. I’m hoping he’ll give me nice cream filling in the near future.

I think I did manage to pinch him when I put the ring on. Just a little though. I don’t think there will be a bruise. Now he’s all locked up again. Well, not all locked up. Mr. Weenie is free. He just has a metal necklace.