Locked Again, Sorta


Last night Mrs. Lion put the locking cock ring on me. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn any penis “jewelry.” The locking cock ring allows me to get hard and doesn’t prevent sex. That’s not its purpose. I haven’t masturbated in nine years. I don’t need a device to keep my hands off my penis. The reason I’m wearing the cock ring is more complicated.

The main reason is that it is a concrete symbol of our power exchange. I can’t remove it. Only she can. We don’t need to be reminded who is in charge. We need to be reminded that sexual control requires consistent activity. Both of us have been letting things slide in the sex department. Mrs. Lion will forget or be too tired to do something. I will not be in the mood. She is quick to let me stop any potential action.

This isn’t how we decided we wanted things to go. Sex under her control is not just denying me orgasms. It’s also having me perform whenever she wants. If I’m due for attention, I should get it. My interest isn’t the point. My job is to present my genitals for her attention. If she wants to tease me, she should tease me. I don’t have the right to refuse.

On the other side of the coin, she commits to playing with me at least every other day. She’s missed a lot of those dates. The locking ring is a visible reminder of what we agreed to do. It’s hard to ignore.

Late last year, Mrs. Lion decided to give me at least one orgasm a week. Despite the problems we’ve been having, she’s come through. I had three orgasms in November and December, Four in January, and five in February. The six months before averaged two a month. Almost every time she gave me sexual attention, she got me off.

This is what we wanted to change. Consistent teasing leading up to a weekly orgasm was her goal. Maybe locking me up again, even if it is just a cock ring, will get the teasing going again. My job is to be available. I can do it. If I fail, there is always the spanking bench.

Speaking of that, I had trouble finding a company that would make our spanking magnet. Two canceled my orders because it was of my bare bottom. I finally found an open-minded outfit on Etsy that is making it. Mrs. Lion will put it on my whiteboard when I earn a spanking. She will know at a glance if she owes me a beating. The goal is to punish as soon after the offense as possible.

Spanking has proven to be a successful educational tool for me. Mrs. Lion is still slow in finding new rules. We both seem to do better when she has many opportunities to catch me. I can think of at least one she might want to add.