jail bird chastity device
This was the original reset button for our sex life over eight years ago. Do we need to use it again?

After I read Lion’s post for today, I tried to come up with something along the lines of the cage that would signal the fun was about to begin. The only thing I could think of was having him in frilly panties all the time and telling him to take them off would do it. Neither of us like that idea. I don’t really want to (that can be read as “I really don’t want to” as well) go back to the cage. It’s a pain to put back on and the thought of putting it back on almost makes me not want to take him out of it. I won’t say I dread it, but why would I want to impose that on either of us?

From time to time, Lion asks to be locked up again. Within a day or two, he regrets it. It pinches. It makes peeing without making a mess difficult. He doesn’t have the freedom to touch himself. Sometimes it creates sore spots. It seems the bad outweighs the good. Or does it? I don’t know. I guess if it can get us back on track, maybe it has its advantages. If I commit to unlocking him at least every other day, he can anticipate it. When he sees me coming with the key, he knows he’ll get some attention. He still doesn’t know if he’ll get an orgasm, but he will have some sort of fun. All I have to do, (I still hate that phrase) is lock him up when I’m done.

As I’m writing this, I realize I have to retract my previous statement. I will say I’m dreading having to lock him up every time. I’m sitting here trying to figure out any other way of resetting our sex life without using the cage. There must be something. The sad part is the cage was the first reset button. All those years ago, Lion suggested the cage as a way of jumpstarting things. Is it possible we’ve come full circle? I don’t think so, but Lion seems to.

I’ll stipulate that the past few months, maybe longer, have been more difficult. I don’t know why. We haven’t been on the same page. I think he doesn’t want sex when he does. I try to give him sex when he doesn’t want it. But we’ve been going for a long time without the cage, and it’s worked. It hasn’t been a completely rosy picture. We’ve had ups and downs, hits and misses. So what happened? I don’t know. I guess the easiest thing to do is to agree to lock Lion back up and we’ll see if he gets what he needs before he’s tired of it.

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  1. So by reading this along with last couple post seems the cage could offer chance to restart. Mrs since you’re not fond of the locking process make that lions job and go as far as set a time limit he has to get it done while you watch. That saves you from having to deal with trying to get cage on and could potentially provide a rule breaking situation. All the time bringing back a bondage aspect that minimal work but has potential of big effect on lion. Cause as someone that spends a lot of time caged it definitely has a mental effect knowing only your partner has the ability to change your current state.

    1. It is too bad you haven’t found a cage that he can comfortably wear for long periods.
      For many of us, your words, “the thought of putting it back on almost makes me not want to take him out of it. ” would be what we dream if our partners saying!

      1. Author

        Lion remembered we have a locking cock ring that might do the trick.

  2. Maybe it will work and be what is called “back for good”. I remember the times when Leo wrote with great enthusiasm about male chastity. If it doesn’t work, you can always opt out.

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