Unfinished Business

This is my locking cock ring. It allows erections and easy peeing.

Over the last few posts, we’ve been discussing possible ways to restart sex on a regular basis. I admit that I introduced the idea of using a male chastity device again. Mrs. Lion seems to agree that is the best alternative (“No Other Idea”). There is one huge drawback: It becomes nearly impossible to pee neatly. No, sitting down to pee isn’t a viable alternative for me. I have too much difficulty getting up from the toilet to sit every time I pee.

Only one of my chastity devices keeps my urethra reliably aligned. That one is the Evotion Orion. Every time I’ve tried to wear that one, within a few days, I develop a nasty sore under the head of my penis. It appears to be caused by the very mechanism that keeps my urethra in place. There is a ring that fits just under the head that prevents it from slipping back into the device’s body. We tried changing the measurements of the shaft with no luck.

The least reliable for keeping my urethra in position is the Jail Bird. It’s also the most comfortable. Even the one-inch-long version still allows my urethra to wander. I’m not ruling it out as a possibility if Mrs. Lion wants to use it. The Evotion is out because it injures me.

There is one other possibility. We have a locking cock ring. This device doesn’t prevent erection or masturbation. Since I don’t masturbate, that isn’t an issue. It does lock on and is visible if Mrs. Lion cares to look. Taking it off and putting it on is no different than managing the Jail Bird.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t like putting any device on my penis. She hates fiddling with the locking mechanisms. We both agree that I shouldn’t do it myself. The act of removing and putting on a device is an essential component of control. Also, I am much less likely to get a device on successfully.

The reason a male chastity device was so good at getting us back on track had very little to do with its primary function. In the beginning, it trained me not to masturbate. It did its job very well. The act of removing and putting on the device added an element of necessary ritual to sex. It was impossible to look at my genitals and miss that something was locked on. If Mrs. Lion groped me, she would feel the device instead of skin.

I think that’s what made it work for her. The device focused attention on my cock and balls. It was an unsubtle reminder of unfinished business. Maybe we don’t need the full-on chastity device to achieve the same effect.


  1. I have a special cup in the bathroom which I use to pee in. Any chastity device I currently wear allows me to stand and pee into the cup.

    1. Author

      Interesting concept. That never occurred to me. I guess it prevents spray too. An easy solution to a tough problem. Thanks!

  2. We have a similar issue. I like the chastity device because it is a symbol of the control that I wish my wife would take over me.
    She feels that it is “intimidating” and prevents her from access to my penis in the rare occasions that she wants to do something with it. I tell her that she has the key and can unlock it anytime she wants.

    1. Author

      That’s the problem with symbols, especially ones that have to be unlocked. I think that the question you may want to ask yourself is whether you want the chastity device to make you feel controlled or if you want your wife to be in control even if it means no cage? We dealt with that issue. At first, it was because I wanted to wear a device and my lioness figured I’d get tired of it and we would stop. Partly due to our daily writing here, it turned out that the chastity device worked for both of us.

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