My wife spanks me. If you’ve been reading our blog, you already know that. This fact is provocative enough to stimulate a lot of fantasy thinking. You might imagine that Mrs. Lion is my BDSM mistress. You might think that I call her “Queen” or “Goddess” and that we have all sorts of rituals for me to worship her. None of that is what we do.

That sort of stuff is BDSM. It’s fun, and lots of people enjoy it. Some try to make it a lifestyle. What we do is domestic discipline. Spanking isn’t intended to be erotic. It’s offered as punishment. Uh, oh. That opens up a different world of fantasy. Punishment, huh? Mrs. Lion is my tyrannical wife who rules me with an iron hand. I wear a frilly apron and wait on her hand and foot. Wrong again.

We have no rituals. I am not the submissive husband to a tyrant. We have a very normal marriage. Mrs. Lion takes wonderful care of me. We love each other and are devoted to our relationship. The spanking is part of this loving relationship. Mrs. Lion has the right to create rules for me to follow. The rules are sensible and either improve me or our life together. That’s what makes it so difficult for Mrs. Lion to find reasons to spank me.

Let me back up a bit. I originally proposed domestic discipline to balance the scales between us. I am an alpha male and generally make decisions for both of us. Mrs. Lion has always been a “go along” sort of lioness. Aside from the fact that spanking, at least thinking about it, turns me on, I figured that if Mrs. Lion could spank me if I upset her or did something she didn’t like, it would give her more power in our marriage. She agreed to try.

It took years for her to evolve to the point that when she spanks me, I truly hate it. She has also learned to enforce the few rules I have to follow consistently. Outside of that, I’m still the alpha. It’s been difficult for her to punish me for annoying her or doing things like interrupting her. We talk about it, but she is still challenged with enforcement.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get spanked. I do on a regular basis. I never try to get punished. Intentionally breaking a rule is a serious breach of trust. My rules are real. They aren’t contrived as part of a game. Intentionally breaking one would trivialize domestic discipline. Plus, spankings are serious enough for me to avoid them as much as I can.

Oddly, if too much time goes by between spankings, we both feel a negative effect. No, I don’t run around misbehaving. Mrs. Lion doesn’t hunger for a chance to beat my butt. The effect is subtler. We both sense that something is missing. We don’t always notice it until I finally earn a spanking. Then, afterward, a light goes on. Ahhh, things feel better, more natural now. The world is right again.

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