Mother Hen

I may not feel up to this now, but I will soon enough.

I am feeling somewhat better today. However, I’m not going to be too active because I know that can change quickly. My head is still wonky but life goes on. There are errands to run and chores to do. Everything will be fine as long as I don’t do too much all at once.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Lion didn’t set up the coffee pot again. This time I’m letting it go because I don’t feel up to spanking him and I know he’s been worried about me. So worried, in fact, that I’m always afraid to tell him I don’t feel well because he’s like a mother hen. He kept asking if I wanted to take a COVID test. He wanted me to take my temperature. I haven’t been out of the house in about a week. There’s no need to waste a COVID test. My temperature was normal. And I always ache to some extent. My head was just off (no jokes, please) and I knew I wouldn’t be able to move around enough to play with him.

I’m not promising any play tonight because I don’t know how I’ll feel. We should be able to snuggle. We didn’t last night because moving was weird. I thought being on my side might be too much.  I slept on my side and that was fine so snuggling should be back on the table. Assuming Lion’s back and shoulder don’t hurt, I should have no trouble fondling my weenie. We’ll have to play it by ear from there.

Maybe you think I’m being too nice to Lion by not punishing him for the coffee pot. Again. I might be. But I know when I feel better, I can always bring out the spanking bench “just because” I didn’t feel well enough to spank him when he got himself in trouble. He’s probably due for a “just because” spanking anyway. It can wait till I can give him the attention a proper spanking deserves.

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  1. Mrs. Lion,
    That is quite a red bottom on Mr. Lion. Your spanking bench looks very effective at keeping him in [his] place. I intend to build one myself so Mrs. Walker doesn’t have to constantly order me to “Stop moving!”, particularly since she just bought a new paddle nicknamed “The Screamer”. I am, to be honest, already scared of it and she hasn’t even had need to use it on my trembling bottom. It looks like Mr. Lion’s spank spot was given considerable attention with your paddle(?), strap(?), hairbrush(?). From firsthand experience, firm spanking to that sensitive area produces a notably stingier sting, almost equal to the bare thighs. So, I am wondering, if it’s not too brash of me to ask, has/does Mr. Lion ever genuinely cry from a spanking? Mrs. Walker is disappointed that her spankings, while quite painful, have never brought me to tears. And at 5′ 4-1/2″, I’m certainly not a physically imposing man.

      1. You are right. I don’t cry, but I do yelp loudly.

        1. Did you build the bench yourself? Can you direct me to the post

          1. I got the bench on You can find it here.

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