Today (Thursday) is the 12th day since my last orgasm, and Mrs. Lion has only made one small effort to get me aroused. I know that Mrs. Lion has had a few bad nights. I did too. But we didn’t lose all 12. We may need to take a new look at sex. The last time we posted on the subject, Mrs. Lion wrote that she gets the same feeling now from an orgasm as when she actively looked for sex. I reacted by saying that maybe I should work with her to set up some sort of schedule for her. She said that she would commit to teasing me at least every other day.

We haven’t followed through on either. The other thought was to start festivities earlier. This particular idea has been floated endless times without result. Years ago, I could claim that I didn’t want to miss a specific TV show. We never have to think about an actual broadcast time between our DVR and streaming TV. Yet, sex doesn’t start until after nine.

Spanking, on the other hand, is never neglected. I get spanked if I break a rule or piss off Mrs. Lion. If I don’t earn a spanking for a couple of weeks, I get a “just because” spanking. Mrs. Lion never forgets. Part of the reason she doesn’t may be that the spanking bench is in her way when she goes to the pantry. Maybe some sort of sex reminder is needed.

An obvious solution would be for me to own getting sex. I was never very good at initiating when we both wanted it. Now that it is just me, it feels super selfish to keep begging for sex. I know that if I do, Mrs. Lion won’t say no. Even if she is in pain or tired, she will try. That’s not appealing to me.

Mrs. Lion never fails with spanking because it has a useful purpose. It not only helps to teach me to be better, but it also reminds Mrs. Lion that she has a voice I have to hear. Domestic discipline is valuable to us. It’s proven itself to both of us. Sex, on the other hand, has become something that entertains me. It doesn’t appear to have any value beyond making me happy.

I don’t want to argue the merits of sex. It is valuable as a bond between mates. Mrs. Lion and I are firmly bonded with or without sex. It’s important to me, but not so important that I would hurt Mrs. Lion to get it. I also can’t approach it the way I did with spanking. Adding domestic discipline was my idea, and it took a lot of time to convince Mrs. Lion to embrace it. Pushing it was only partly selfish. I knew that our relationship would become even better if we practiced it. I can’t say that about her getting me off.

My sex situation almost cries out for me to masturbate. After all, if I’m the only one who benefits. It’s only fair that I do all the work. There are a couple of problems with this. First, Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the idea of me masturbating. It’s sex without her. Second, jerking off isn’t that much fun for me. At least, it wasn’t when I did it eight years ago. So, my only outlet has to be my lioness.

I have to wait for her input. I’m getting horny, sweetie.