Thursday night, after a very long 12-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a fantastic blow job. She edged me once within an inch of my life. She let me calm down and then started in again. This time she kept going until I had a wonderful orgasm. Whew! This is the second orgasm in 2022. Truly excellent

I’ve been running another Twitter poll. This one is about pubic hair. We’re 22 years into the millennium, and it seemed appropriate to see what’s happening down under. Women were nearly evenly divided. 55% said they have pubic hair. The men’s side was a little surprising. Almost twice as many men said that they had no pubic hair. Imagine that bald pubes won two-to-one for the guy.

In earlier times, women would have led the charge for hairless pussies. Few men were removing their fur. My Twitter results may be skewed because most of my readers are interested in male chastity and male spanking. I think guys who are into that are more likely to present hairless pubes.

The ladies are a big surprise. Young women have preferred bare genitals for the last twenty years. It’s rare to see a picture of a nude woman with pubic hair. Has the trend reversed? Or, perhaps women who read my Twitter feed are more dominant and keep their pubes hairy as part of their display of power.

That is a giant assumption with absolutely nothing behind it. If female hair removal results from males preferring skin to hair, then dominant women would disregard this preference. This is another huge assumption. Have I discovered a trend toward hairy pussies? Let’s take the power exchanges out of consideration. Have we discovered an aesthetic sea change? Has the pandemic reduced reasons for female deforestation?

It may be that many women remove their hair to look better at the beach. Staying home may encourage a more “natural” look. I don’t know. Mrs. Lion has always kept her hair down there. It’s relatively thin and doesn’t get in the way. I haven’t had any pubic hair in over twenty years. At this point, it’s all I know. Mrs. Lion plans to wax me this weekend. Not much grows in, but she likes me neat.

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  1. I have been hairless from my neck to my toes for over 25 years now! I love the feel and the look!

  2. Looking at the picture at the beginning of the text, I just want to ask: What’s next?

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