Eight Years Of Male Chastity

1-inch long jail bird

We have just completed our eighth year of male chastity. In December of 2013, I showed Mrs. Lion a Chinese chastity device I found on Amazon. I explained my understanding of Male Chastity and asked her to lock me into it. At the time, neither of us imagined male orgasm control would become a permanent part of our marriage. After eight years, it looks like it is.

Right from the start, Mrs. Lion came up with something that made a profound change in how I think about sex. She banned masturbation. Bear in mind, this wasn’t just a rule she created. She also had me locked into a male chastity device 24/7. I couldn’t masturbate if I wanted to.

The first time I was allowed out of the device for more than a few days was over three years later. By then, I had been conditioned not to jerk off. It didn’t cross my mind that I could. I’m not entirely sure I can make myself ejaculate at this point. Maybe it’s still possible. I just lost interest in doing it.

The other important change is that I stopped expecting an orgasm when we did anything sexual. Mrs. Lion would edge me nearly every night. She only let me ejaculate when she decided I should. In the beginning, I complained and whined about being left hard with no place to come. Once I stopped believing I was supposed to come every time my penis was stimulated, I stopped complaining when I was horny and left with no outlet.

Women who read this will shrug. The guys know what a big deal this is. Sure, when I was younger, I would make out and even pet with a female. Usually, that wouldn’t end in orgasm for me. When I was home alone, my left hand took care of the problem. I suspect that for most guys, sex has usually been in their own hands. That changed for me at the end of 2013.

I’m not sure what life would have been like if we didn’t take up male chastity. Mrs. Lion’s sex drive would have disappeared, and I would have faced a tough situation. Before December 2013, she didn’t realize that I masturbated. She thought I didn’t need much sex, I guess. I suppose that I’d still be jerking off a couple of times a week. I might have become more distant because I was feeling neglected. That’s what was happening when I suggested locking me up in a chastity device all those years ago. I guess we dodged a bullet.

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