More “Fun” at the Lion Household

I went into our basement storage area when I got home from work last night and there was water everywhere. What the hell? After slogging across wet carpet and wading through inch deep water, I saw the general area water was flowing from, but I couldn’t see an actual leak. Lion called the landlord and we waited for him to show up. He finally found the leak but wasn’t able to fix it. We were without water overnight. And we’re waiting for him or a plumber to show up this morning.

Aside from the lack of water in the right places, we now have to deal with the water that’s in the wrong places. I need to see what we’ve lost. There are a lot of boxes down there. Luckily, most of the stuff came from the garage in the old house so maybe it isn’t as susceptible to water damage as more delicate things. Of course, the carpet will have to be replaced. I’m not sure what parts are covered under the landlord’s insurance policy and what parts are covered under our renter’s insurance. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as things are covered. There’s just the potential for insurance companies fighting each other which may delay replacement.

I’m also missing work today. Yeah, it’s only half a day, but it’s still money out of my pocket. I’m also missing work on Monday because the kennel will be delivered between 8 am and 8 pm. Remember when the cable company used to say they’d be there sometime between Tuesday and Thursday and you’d have to rearrange your life for them? It seems ridiculous to have a twelve-hour window for delivery.

As you can imagine, Lion is getting more and more upset as time goes by without water. He’s upset about dog toys all over the place. He’s upset that the landlord didn’t show up when he said he would. Everything is coming to a head. I’m just hoping we have water for the weekend. If we don’t, we’ll survive. It won’t be fun but we’ll survive.