Domestic Bliss

I am happy and frustrated. Mrs. Lion can edge me again successfully. Over the last months, I’ve taken Allegra allergy medicine. I have hayfever and eczema that are relieved by antihistamines. It turns out, according to Google, that antihistamines are known to cause sexual dysfunction in men. They act in the brain to reduce the ability to get an erection. Ah-ha! The dose I take is quite high.

OK, this is useful information. If I take a boner pill and an Allegra together, the allergy medicine cancels out some of the value of the boner pill. I’ll have to watch my intake of the antihistamine. Anyway, Sunday and Monday nights, Mrs. Lion brought me to the nearly-painful edge of ejaculation over and over. She seems to like frustrating me. I suspect there’s no end in sight.

I also think that she has been having more success with her hand. I’m pretty sure that she can edge me that way, too, if she wants. All I have to do is avoid allergy pills. Ahhh, Choo! I’m relieved that this time the issue is so easy to manage. I suspected a relationship between allergy meds and boners, but I didn’t research it until now.

waiting for the other shoe to drop

Yesterday, I proposed that Mrs. Lion stop “just because” spankings in favor of spanking for a reason. The idea was for Mrs. Lion to catch me doing something she didn’t like. Since we agree that I need at least a spanking every week–Mrs. Lion thinks two is better–she would have to be creative finding reasons to spank me. She agreed to try.

I’m waiting for the first of these. My last spanking was a week ago. Uh oh.

When it comes to spankings, Mrs. Lion has no second gear. When she straps me to the spanking bench, I get a blistered bottom every time. She takes spanking seriously; regardless of how minor the offense, the suffering is the same. You’ve seen the evidence here. If you missed the image of my last spanking or forgot, click here to see it. She draws blood every time. Her ten-minute spankings feel like hours to me.

We’ve both decided that relatively frequent spankings are good for my sexual and mental health. They also help Mrs. Lion stay focused on our disciplinary marriage. A sore bottom is a small price to pay for domestic bliss.

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  1. If all family problems were solved by a sore bottom, then the number of divorce proceedings would be sharply reduced.

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