Not Up to It

We had a late lunch yesterday, and then we took the car for an oil change. My stomach was complaining before we left and complained even more after we got home. I suggested quesadillas for dinner even though I wasn’t sure my stomach could handle it, and I wasn’t very hungry. We both took pretty long naps and, since Lion’s tummy was unsettled too, we had egg noodles for dinner. It was after 8 before the noodles were ready.

Between the late hour, my stomach hurting, and my being tired, I told Lion I needed a pass on festivities. I think he was ready, willing, and able. I was not. The puppy woke me up at 4 this morning, so I’m not feeling all that energetic today either. However, I am determined to be ready for adventure tonight. As I recall, we’re back to oral stimulation. Yum! Even if he doesn’t have an orgasm (he won’t), I still like the taste of my weenie. I know, there’s not much taste unless there’s pre-cum. I just like having it in my mouth. If you ask me, that’s where the real power comes into play.

Think about it. He may have a big, powerful hardon, but he’s vulnerable. I’ve got his manhood in a potentially dangerous spot. I can bite or suck or lick to my heart’s desire. You can’t tell me it won’t hurt if I chomp down. I nibble him sometimes, but I’ve never bitten him on purpose. Mostly I suck or lick. I’m very nice to him, even if I do leave him frustrated most of the time. Poor Lion. Isn’t that what he signed up for?

Even though he doesn’t have a piece of metal guarding his fun zone, we still practice male chastity. He can’t come until I say he can. Of course, he could resist coming when I want him to come. I don’t think he’s ever purposely stopped an orgasm. Usually, I get him right to the edge as many times as I can and make him sweat. Then I stop everything and tell him it’s not his night. He may pretend to grumble. He may tell me how mean I am to leave him hanging. He may tell me he’s still interested, and I can finish the job, but he has no real say in the matter. I still have the power of the key even when the key doesn’t have anything to unlock.

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