Sleep Deprived

There is something seriously wrong with our dog. She has hip dysplasia so she’s on more medications that she refuses to take. I took her to the vet yesterday and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Last night she wandered aimlessly through the house, panting. None of us got much sleep. Despite multiple attempts to let her out, she had accidents in the house. This morning, she got caught under the table and when I reached to help her, she bit me. I know it’s not her fault, but that doesn’t make the bruise go away any quicker. Lion did some research this morning and discovered she may have dog Alzheimers. We may have to put her down.

Despite the dog’s issues, I pulled out the spanking bench for a just because spanking. I’ve decided to whomp him on Mondays and Thursdays just because. I selected paddles based on Lion’s recommendations. A wide leather one produces sting and covers lots of ground. I used the narrow silicon blue slapper to get into his crack. It’s nearly virgin territory in there. Oddly enough, he was bleeding a little bit from his left cheek with this combination. Normally he starts bleeding from the right cheek first. I don’t know what made this happen. When I continued with the more evil paddles, he bled from both sides equally.

I know I didn’t start off with hard swats. I was carpet bombing all over his buns. The idea is the get him red all over and then go for whatever bruises I can get with mean paddles. He was yelping from the beginning. I know his skin is stretched tighter when he’s on the bench, but it seemed extreme to yelp so early in the proceedings. Of course, having never been spanked myself, I am in no position to question his pain. In less than ten minutes he was telling me it was enough. However, he wasn’t using his safeword so technically I didn’t have to stop. But this wasn’t really a punishment spanking. I know it’s supposed to be the same whether it’s punishment or just because. I figured he’d had enough.

It’s not like he won’t be swatted again on Monday, if not sooner.