The Other Woman

The (big) cat is out of the bag. Julie of mentioned our very nice correspondence. It’s a little personal project to help fuel our real-life sex. The stories are designed to push our respective buttons. One advantage of being a sex blogger is that readers learn what turns us on in real life. Julie has been blogging longer than us. I’ve been enjoying her writing for almost eight years. I’ve read every post she’s written. She reads my writing too. We’ve seen each other naked in our published pictures. We’ve also become friends and help each other with our books.

The result of all this is that she knows exactly how to push my buttons. Once we enjoy the heat our writing produces, we send back our review of the writing. This serves to make the next story even closer to our sexual centers. Our spouses know of this. Mrs. Lion read Julie’s first story. She didn’t react much. This isn’t surprising. Her lack of interest in sex for herself makes a visceral response unlikely.

We started the project because I mentioned that I was having trouble getting my motor running. I don’t masturbate. Mrs. Lion strongly dislikes the idea of me jerking off. It was the first rule she made for me. She didn’t masturbate before she lost interest in sex. She tried it and didn’t like it. I liked it when I did it. Still, I understand her problem with it. Julie summed it up in her post, “Spanked for masturbating – part 1“:

“I think we can all admit that if we have a live-in partner, and you find out they have been masturbating, even if you are intellectually fine with it, and do it yourself, you are nonetheless just a touch annoyed, no? Certainly I am. Just a touch. I mean, he has almost 24×7 access to ME, why does he need to jerk off? What’s wrong with ME???? Who wouldn’t want to fuck THIS at every possible opportunity, am I right?”

How can she resist this?

Julie included an image of herself naked that makes her point. It really makes it! It’s hard to argue with that logic. Mrs. Lion’s point was that, in a sense, jerking off is a form of cheating. After all, she told me, I’m having sex without her. I can’t argue with that. In our relationship, I don’t have the 24×7 access to Mrs. Lion that Julie offers David. Still, I have to agree that Mrs. Lion owns my orgasms. She has 24×7 access to me!

As you might imagine, experienced writers like Julie and I can deliver exceptionally hot, custom porn. I love writing it, using my knowledge of her. She knows exactly how to get me hard and hungry. She definitely double teams me with Mrs. Lion.

Over the years, we’ve mentioned each other’s blogs in our writing. I don’t understand why, but bloggers avoid mentioning one another. This is odd since we read each other. How do I know? I don’t. Occasionally, our blog gets mentioned, which suggests the blogger reads us. I wonder if these people worry that if they point people at our blog, they will stop reading theirs. Silly!

If you ever wondered what sex bloggers do in their private lives, now you know. You might be surprised to learn that there is almost nothing private in our lives. Every single sexual activity, spanking, teasing, and orgasm either of us experienced has been chronicled here since 2014. Maybe this blogger doesn’t have a private life after all.

Listen to this post.


  1. I disagree that bloggers don’t mention each other. There are entire communities of bloggers who regularly communicate with each other, read each other’s posts, write comments on posts, and what surprises me most of all, even write on the same topics selected at a given time.

    1. Author

      Some blogggers who find it difficult to come up with topics use themes provided by a couple of other bloggers. Mostly, these are female sex bloggers. That’s not the same as the bloggers interacting with each other.

  2. I have never been able to subscribe to Strict Julie… but when I’ve had time I have gone to her blog through your blog. I do mention other bloggers though not super often. And usually I try to provide a link. Sometimes I forget to add the link, but I try. lol

    1. Author

      Julie’s blog is on I don’t if they offer subscriptions. I don’t think it’s necessary to plug every blog out there. I believe that mutually beneficial relationships can be built between bloggers. Julie and I have one on both private and public levels. I value her greatly. Check your stats and see who is linking to you. I do that and learn a lot.

    2. Hi michael – I do not know of this “subscription” of which you speak. There is a Subscribe to “Atom” thingy at the bottom provided by blogger. Maybe that? Most people just bookmark or search “Strict Julie Spanks” in a browser, and check in every now and then to catch up. I tried adding your site to my blogroll, but your photos appeared giant sized and it broke 🙁

      1. Thank you for that. That button hasn’t worked for me in the past. But I do visit on occasion. I think I’ve even commented a few times. Weird that my pics are so large—kind of scary to think of some of them that big! lol

  3. I’m the “other woman” am I? Nice!

    I think you look quite attractive standing there, all naked like that. Noble Proud Lion! If so inclined, one could wiggle a little finger in the air in reference to that adorable little bald dickette? Looks fun to play with.

    I think our blogs become our universes in a sense, and while parallel universes exist, they do not overlap much.

    I particularly value Lion because while we disagree quite passionately on politics, he has demonstrated a true and noble commitment to free speech and exchange of ideas. Not just lip service, but staying friends and keeping links up despite pressure (which anyone knows will only backfire with a Lion!). This is more than I can say for some others.

    Our little story exchanges are fun. Lion gave me his ok to publish his to me, so i think I will because it’s… sexy!

    1. Author

      I value our friendship. We don’t need to agree about everything. We have fun. I love what Julie wrote for me. If she and Mrs. Lion agree, I will publish it here. Yup, you are the other woman (Lioness?).

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