You Forgot To Set Up The Coffee Pot Again

We went to the casino last night. They offered us coupons for free dinner. Obviously, we weren’t going to pass that by. Mrs. Lion had crab and pasta. I had prime rib. We also had mozzarella sticks and popcorn shrimp. We were stuffed. Our slot machine time wasn’t as lucky. We both lost some money. I never expect to win. I look for slots with the most noise and color. We found one based on “Little Shop of Horrors.” It was very entertaining, if not profitable. We don’t spend money on other frivolous activities, so this wasn’t all that expensive for a fun evening.

We got home early. It was 9:30 and still a little light outside. We both smelled like smoke and casino air freshener. We took showers. By the time we finished and settled in, it was 10:30, too late to start being frisky. I streamed repeats of “Mom,” and Mrs. Lion fell asleep. I didn’t watch much longer before I felt my eyes closing. Thank you, melatonin!

I woke again at 1:30 AM. That sometimes happens, and I fall back to sleep. This time, it was hot in the room, and I threw off my covers. Still no sleep. It smelled like cigarette smoke. The casino stink must have infiltrated my sinuses. I was also stuffy and uncomfortable. After trying to get back to sleep for a while, I gave in and turned on the TV. Mrs. Lion almost always sleeps through my middle-of-the-night TV watching. I also took an allergy tablet. Three “Mom” reruns, I was sleepy again. I turned off the TV and slept until 10 AM. Mrs. Lion woke up soon after. [Mrs. Lion — I was awake at 6:30 to let the dog out and went back to sleep until 8:30. I snoozed on and off until 9:30. I was contemplating breakfast when Lion woke up.] We both needed the rest.

I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon. I just read what Mrs. Lion wrote in her post. It’s true. I forgot to set up the coffee pot on Saturday. You think I would remember given the very painful consequence of forgetting. I didn’t. According to her post, she’s going to spank me before we go out to run errands. I’m not happy about that. It isn’t that I have to get dressed and go out. It’s that I am absolutely not in the mood to be spanked. Yeah, I know, nobody asked me if I wanted one.

It’s times like these that make me question my sanity. Yes, the idea of a spanking is hot. Right now, my nose is running again (time for another allergy pill), and my head feels full of cotton. The beating will probably clear my sinuses that still smell a little like the casino. I admit that I’m curious about how a lioness 4.0 spanking is different from one 3.0 delivered. I’m sure 4.0 is a lot more severe and less interested in how I feel about the beating. Oh well, this is out of my control anyway. I’ll let you know what happens. Right now, I’m going to go set up the coffee pot for tomorrow. My momma didn’t raise any stupid cubs.

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  1. Hopefully the spanking clears your sinuses and improves your memory.

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