Another day in paradise! I’m still struggling with knotty plot issues in my newest book. Writing is very hard work. Mrs. Lion is wondering about the state of my libido. It varies widely depending on what time you ask me. I’m usually a lot more consistent. She is threatening Icy Hot if I am under the covers. I will brave the cold bedroom to avoid burning balls.

I’m not sure why she likes applying that stuff to my nether regions. She isn’t the first. Way back when my girlfriend and I were discovering BDSM, she did independent research. One afternoon, she tied me face-down on the bed. Then she administered her customary spanking. She did like to see me squirm. When she was done, she didn’t release me or turn me over. Instead, I felt her gently massaging my balls. “How nice,” I thought. A little bit later, my balls started feeling hot. About the same time the heat was building up, I could smell it. She applied Ben Gay to my balls.

Then, as now, it got very intense. I really started squirming. She found that very amusing. I didn’t, but she didn’t ask me if I did or not. I made some noise that clearly communicated my discomfort. That was even more entertaining. Geeze! After a very long while, the heat subsided, and she cleaned me off with a warm washcloth.

The funny thing is that as the memory of the pain faded, my desire to experience it again increased. That made no sense at the time and, for that matter, still doesn’t. It seems that there is something about being forced to endure something uncomfortable that turns me on. That’s certainly true of spanking as well as Icy Hot. I suppose that’s why it’s called “kinky.”

I find it interesting that just because it turns me on to think about these things, nothing is taken away from the discomfort I suffer. There is a caveat to that: If I am aroused and sexually stimulated at the time, my pain tolerance goes way up. It becomes much easier to endure burning balls if Mrs. Lion is jerking me off after application. The same is true of clothespins on the balls as well.

My original playmate didn’t try to turn me on after putting the Ben Gay on my balls. She wanted me to feel the full effect. Mrs. Lion has no interest in helping me handle the pain of a spanking. She wants it felt as much as possible. What a sweetie!

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