What’s the Weather Report?

This morning I took the fat dog to the vet. She’s been a bit lethargic on and off. Maybe the blood work will show something. Until then, we’ll give her anti-inflammatories. Of course, we’ll have to stop feeding her table scraps. She’d like a second opinion.

While I was in the shower last night, I was plotting Lion’s demise by asking if he was cold since he was cocooned in blankets. If he said yes, I was going to tell him that IcyHot would warm him up. If he said no, I was going to tie his balls up. Then I sat down and didn’t feel like doing anything so I moved over and we snuggled. I wasn’t tired or achy. Some muscles in my back have been cramping but nothing serious. I just felt like snuggling and that’s all. Luckily, Lion loves to snuggle too.

I’ll probably start testing the waters to see if he’s horny yet. He doesn’t have to be horny at all for butt plugs or just because spankings. Technically he doesn’t even have to be horny to have his balls tied, but it’s more fun if he’s hard – for both of us. I don’t know when he normally gets horny after an orgasm. Lately Lion has been feeling like he’s taking advantage of me and that’s been getting in the way of horniness. I hope we finally have that worked out. I look forward to a Lion weather report.


  1. What is our forecast today, honey.
    What did you wake up with again?
    Just tell me, Lord have mercy.
    What a whim?

    The most important thing is the weather in the house.
    And the rest is nonsense.
    There is me and you.
    And everything else easy to settle with an umbrella.

    1. My weather report is more of a “whether” report…whether I am interested in sex.

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