My Sore Back And He Needs A Spanking

I may not know how I hurt my back, but I think I figured out how I exacerbate it. I twist in my chair at work to file papers. Don’t do that! Today, I’ve been turning my whole body. What can I say? Old dog, new tricks.

My back was sore last night. Really sore. I thought Lion was not “asking” for attention because he didn’t want to hurt my back. When I told him it should be fine, he said he wasn’t feeling all that well. I’m not glad that he wasn’t feeling well, but I am glad that we were both out of commission together.

I won’t promise anything for tonight. I don’t know how we’ll feel. At the very least, it should be a snuggle night. We weren’t close at all last night. Every time I moved, it hurt. I don’t know if Lion was bothered by moving. He doesn’t normally move much, other than laying across the bed when I suck him. That’s when he moves the fastest.

Lion hasn’t earned himself a punishment in a while. I’ll have to do a just because spanking soon. I can’t let him forget what it feels like to be punished. And I can’t let myself forget how to do it well. Practice makes perfect. If that’s true, I bet Lion doesn’t want me to be perfect. I need too much practice. [Lion — It’s been 13 days since my last spanking.]

I have been on the lookout for him to slip up, specifically interruptions, and to be a know-it-all. He’s been on his best behavior. He even stopped himself from calling Grey’s Anatomy a soap opera. It took amazing restraint. I’m not sure what I would have done if he did. I don’t think it would have registered as a punishable offense. I might have if he kept saying it. Then he would have annoyed me, and I definitely would have caught him. I think it’s great he stopped himself.