The Grand Canyon

We have adjustable beds. There is a fairly big gap between them. Lion says he hates it because it stops us from sleeping closer together. We can get something to bridge the gap, but I think it’s just a piece of rubber, and, for us, it would be on top of the sheets. Besides that, it would flop around because we’re not always at the same height.

All of this is a moot point anyway. Last night, as we started to fall asleep, I reached across the gap and touched Lion. He said it was nice, but he needed to roll over to sleep on his other side. Since before I moved in with him, Lion has had a king-size bed. He always slept right on the edge. If he had rolled slightly more, he would have been on the floor. The dog loved this because she could slurp his face first thing in the morning. He’s gotten a little better in the past few years. He does not teeter on the edge now. But he still sleeps pretty far away from me.

The other issue keeping us from sleeping closer is the fact that he’s a furnace. He cocoons himself in blankets, and he churns out so much heat I can’t be near him. I usually sleep with one leg out or even no blankets. Even if I wanted to leap across the great divide, I’d spontaneously combust. This also comes into play when we snuggle. If he’s under the blankets, I have to keep most of me out from under the blankets, or I’ll get too hot.

There are times that Lion sleeps on his back during the night. He’s even been known to face me at times. If I’m awake to realize it, I do reach out to touch him. I don’t know if he’s aware of it. It’s just nice to be close.

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