Lion Insomnia

Yesterday Lion and I both went to our family doctor. I found out that my health is improving thanks to cutting out a lot of the junk I was eating. Lion found out that anesthesia can have a much longer effect than he thought. He got another medication to help him sleep and off we went.

When we snuggled, Lion was in some pain but he was willing to give things a try. He suggested he might need more heavy duty stimulation than just my hand. I assume he meant the Magic Wand but I asked if we could give my mouth a shot first. What could it hurt? And it certainly didn’t hurt. My weenie came to life.

I edged him a few times. I told him I wasn’t giving in that easily. He didn’t mind at all. Eventually took him over the edge. I was rewarded with about the same amount of creme filling I got pre-surgery. Not a huge amount, but a decent amount. I was happy to get it. Lion was happy I got it. He kept saying it meant he wasn’t broken. I never thought he was, but I know he was worried.

Lion took one of the new pills the doctor gave him and said, if the doctor was to be believed, he should be asleep in a half hour. Sort of. He was snoozing. Unfortunately it wasn’t the deep sleep he needed. He was still in pain and not able to find a comfortable position even if he could sleep. Needless to say, I wasn’t sleeping soundly either. Then the dog had a seizure which woke me up the rest of the way.

Last night was the equivalent of Lion’s first few days after surgery in terms of pain and difficulty sleeping. I can understand why people with chronic insomnia can sometimes overdose on sleeping pills. One doesn’t work. Let’s try two. Nope. Let’s add this other drug into the mix. Nope. How about this one? Nope. And at some point they hit the combination that let’s them sleep, but then they can’t wake up. I’m not saying Lion would ever do that. He’s very good at managing what pills can and can’t be taken together. I’m just saying I understand the need to try anything to get to sleep when you’re pushed to the limit.

I don’t know what the answer is, but Lion needs a good night’s sleep. Actually he needs a string of good night’s sleeps. Lack of sleep isn’t helping his recovery at all.