Why Don’t More Couples Write Blogs Together?

I don’t understand why so few couples write blogs. Every blog I read is authored by either a man or a woman. One blog, now very inactive, occasionally featured a post by the husband of a dominant woman. I know that some couples maintain private blogs where they exchange feelings and wishes. I wonder why they don’t want to share?

It’s a happy accident that Mrs. Lion is a closet journalist. When I started The Journal, she readily agreed to post along with me. My idea was to make the blog a real journal that chronicled our sex life. When Mrs. Lion agreed to write daily posts, I was delighted. She would not only keep me honest but would also add her distinctly female perspective.

She says her job is to report the news. Her posts tend to focus on a combination of reporting and forecasting my sex life. More often than not, you learn about her plans for me at the same time I do. I sometimes comment on the same events. While we don’t often contradict one another, sometimes we see things differently.

Sometimes we use The Journal the way I imagine couples use their private blogs. We provide feedback and express our feelings about how things are going. We also use email as well. As I wrote in my post yesterday, there isn’t much verbal conversation between us. I hope we can fix that. After all, if we can write it, we can say it. Right?

There are times I think that it might be good if I don’t read Mrs. Lion’s posts. She frequently tips her hand at what’s in store for me. In one sense, that’s good. It gives me time to anticipate what fate is in store for me. In another, there are no real surprises. You might be thinking that Mrs. Lion can keep secrets by not posting her intentions. That’s true, of course, but when she doesn’t state her plans, she will often not actually execute them. In a way, the blog keeps her honest too.

Mrs. Lion has made significant progress as a spanker! Left is her handiwork in January 2020. The image on the right is my poor bottom in April 2021.

We frequently publish pictures of me illustrating the results of spankings, modeling of chastity devices, and “wearing” other toys. I sometimes joke that more people have seen my cock and ass than most porn stars. The pictures are also helpful for me. Since they appear in dated posts, I can see the progress, or lack of it, I have made. Certainly, they show how Mrs. Lion has become much more effective as a spanker.

Our blog uncommon both in the sheer number of posts and the consistent posting by both partners in an FLR/DD marriage. We’re both grateful you take the time to keep up with our lives.


  1. I greatly appreciate all the effort that you both make to keep up the blog posting. I know from sad experience that it is difficult to keep up with it and takes significant time.
    So often you post about things that I can relate to. very well.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Your good wishes mean a lot to us.

  2. Not all couples are ready for this degree of openness. Or one of the couple does not represent such an opportunity in terms of their own views on the ethics of relationships. It coincided with you. And partly because of this, your blog is unique.

  3. I asked my Queen if she wanted to contribute to my blog even sporadically. However she didn’t want to do that. She will occasionally make a suggestion for a post or for pics. She will sometimes read my posts. But my blog is about us from my perspective.

    1. Author

      I think that’s true of almost every blogger. I wish more couples would provide both perspectives.

  4. Not everyone is as lucky as you, Lion. Judging by what you write here, your lioness allows you a lot and agrees to a lot. A very flexible wife.

    1. Author

      She’s incredible. I thank her every day!

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