Get It (Only) In Writing

We are only a few posts away from 5,000. That’s something of a record. Maybe we’ve said all we can say. I know that Mrs. Lion has less and less to say about what I write. Maybe that’s natural, but since my posts frequently offer insights into how I think we might do things, I always hope for some discussion of the subject. Sadly, nothing.

I need to talk about things. That’s probably the main reason I like to write. You would think after 4,938 (I wrote a little more than half) posts, I would get used to, “It’s a good post,” as the extent of the feedback I get. I generally ask for more reaction but rarely get more than, “We can try it.”

Of course, I appreciate her willingness to try things out. I still feel that a lot more could be said. Mrs. Lion has written about half of the posts on this blog. She mostly writes about me. It feels like our communication is limited to what we publish. Occasionally, she will react to something I suggest. Her reaction is here, not in a real-life conversation with me. Outside of the blog, the only other way she lets me know what she is feeling or what she wants is in an email she sends from work.

She talks to the dog. She has to. Our golden retriever can’t read or write. Her silence isn’t new. It’s just worse. The only time she strings more than a couple of sentences together is when she tells me about work. This is probably my fault. I don’t do anything interesting enough to grab her interest.

I think that’s true of this blog. The stuff I write about here is simply nothing she wants to think about. If I wrote about a better way to clean the kitchen floor, it would be on the same level of excitement as me writing about a DWC spanking. That’s how it feels to me. I get it. It’s all about stuff that works for me. Unfortunately, I don’t hear about what works for her. Maybe I should stop writing. Then she’ll either talk to me or have to acknowledge we have nothing in common. Since she is my world, I have no idea what I will do next.


  1. I hear your frustration and sadly can relate. My wife does sexual things for me. She loves me and wants to please me, but she really has little to no interest in sex anymore. I guess I should just accept that is the way of life and aging.
    While my libido has fortunately settled down some with age, it is far from dead. I think about sex very frequently and crave so much more than an occasional fondle.
    She can work all day on gardening and house chores, then be way too tired for any activity in the evening. Or her damn phone and youtube is more interesting than I am.
    LIke you say Lion, I don’t want to have to ask for it. In my self administered role as a submissive I struggle with the concept of not topping from the bottom. It doesn’t help that most of my sexual approaches are brushed off, “too tired, too busy, not now”.
    At least by putting it in writing you are communicating to Mrs. Lion.

    1. Author

      It is difficult when it is a one-way street. Apparently, I can’t compete with Facebook either.

  2. People communicate in many ways. Writing down one’s thoughts is one way—it works and allows for tough subjects to be breached without recriminations. Maybe it isn’t perfect, but it is better than the alternative. You have a wife who loves you. You love her. That’s the biggest part of any relationship.

    1. Author

      I do and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful wife.

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