Lioness 4.0 Makes Another Appearance

Did Lion react more to the fact that I “demanded” he react, or was he just horny? The other night I pulled out a rope, and he asked if we could not do anything. I let him off the hook. Then we decided he might need a visit from 4.0 to kick him in the ass. Last night, I grabbed a butt plug and told him I needed his ass. He looked at me like he wanted to ask for a reprieve again and then decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Damn right! You can’t say you want me to take charge and then ask me not to take charge.

When the time came for me to suck him, I did ask if he thought he could move across the bed with the butt plug in. It might have been too uncomfortable, or it might have popped out if he moved. He was able to move. And he maintained his erection in the process. Yay! I told him he was a good boy for being hard. I wonder if that had any effect.

I don’t know how long it took to get him to the edge. As a guess, I’d say ten minutes. When I thought he was close, I stopped. Then it seemed like I’d stopped too late, so I quickly kept going. He had what sounded like a big orgasm, although it didn’t produce much. I think I only had a taste of Lion cream. Too bad. I love his cream filling.

I teased him about something in this morning’s email and told him it might be the only teasing I get to do today since he probably wouldn’t be in the mood. He replied, “You never know.” Hmmm…is Lion back to being his horny self? That rope might just get used after all.

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