We Are Happily Different

Have you noticed that I write more about sex when the time since my last orgasm starts getting long? The same is true with spanking. I write more posts about being spanked as time since my last spanking gets longer. Is this a way to indirectly ask to ejaculate or get a sore bottom? Perhaps. At the least, it shows that my thoughts are moving in those directions.

There’s a strong connection between writing about being spanked and about ejaculating. Both are sexual. One of the more embarrassing ironies in the way I’m wired is that I get aroused thinking about being spanked. I’m very aware that when Mrs. Lion spanks me, it’s a long, painful, bruising experience. I hate it when she spanks me. Nevertheless, I get turned on thinking about it. If thinking about it didn’t turn me on, it would be more difficult to convince me to get in position and take it.

OK, that’s not entirely true. Once I form the disciplinary habit, I get into position and accept the spanking without any sexual component. Those of us in a disciplinary marriage have learned that we must accept domestic discipline as our wives require. It’s conditioning. It’s well established that the disciplined male initiates domestic discipline. In my case, the sexual excitement of thinking about being spanked drove me to ask Mrs. Lion to spank me. This same sexual energy causes me to encourage her to become stricter, even now.

All this sexual interest doesn’t cause me to disobey my disciplining wife consciously. I work hard to avoid punishment. We both know that I need regular “just because” punishment spankings if I don’t earn any through specific offenses. Mrs. Lion decides when one is needed.

I get very aroused when I think about Mrs. Lion teasing me and not letting me ejaculate. When she gets me to the edge, all I can think about is coming. I want it more than anything. She stops, and I’m left hanging. She does it again and again. When she finally stops, I don’t try to finish myself. I lie there panting. It makes no more sense than getting aroused thinking about being spanked.

We’ve been doing this for years. It’s natural and expected in our marriage. It works for both of us. It may not make sense to other people. It doesn’t have to. We both recognize the ironies. We are happily different.