Crystal Ball

I see this in Lion’s future.

Lion was awake after my shower. We snuggled, and I played with my weenie. He made purring noises when it felt good, but my weenie never fully woke up. Lion has been tired lately. It makes sense that sex may not be at the forefront of his mind. He might not have been feeling well either. Maybe he needs a swift kick in the ass (a spanking) to get him moving.

I know he loves the idea of a spanking, and I promise he’ll get one soon. I’m just not going to tell him when. Of course, the longer I wait, the greater the chance that he’ll earn a punishment spanking. He’s not a saint. He’ll screw up sooner or later. Actually, I have enough to punish him for right now. He’s been interrupting me quite a bit lately. I’ve just been raising my voice to be heard over him. [Lion — I thought I would be punished for interrupting. I don’t really notice when you raise your voice.]

As I typed that, I wondered if punishing him is more for him than me. He keeps saying I should assert my power. Am I really, though? I mean, he likes (the idea of) spanking. I’m not saying he deliberately does things to get punished. I’m just wondering if I’m not rewarding him for being bad. I guess maybe I just figured out the “why.” What drives him to want me to be in charge? Why would he present his butt when I tell him to? Duh. He likes being spanked even if he knows (or maybe because he knows) he won’t be able to sit for a day or two.  [Lion — I mentioned that in my post this morning. The odd but true fact is that being consistently punished does change my behavior. When was the last time I ate first? Spilled on my shirt? Forgot coffee? ]

With that in mind, wouldn’t a better punishment be withdrawal of sexual contact or even the dreaded silent treatment? He would hate both. Or is that too vindictive? If I were really a tyrant, I certainly wouldn’t give him what he wants as punishment. Then again, if I were really a tyrant, he probably wouldn’t be with me to begin with, and he definitely wouldn’t want me to have power over him.

Lion is very lucky I’m not a tyrant. I’ve got just enough mean to be able to spank him and more than nice enough to be able to stop before I seriously hurt him. Even if he doesn’t break a rule in the next few days, I see a spanking in his future.