Lion’s allergies have been bothering him again so he hasn’t felt much like playing the past few nights. I unlock him, but he’s not “up” for it. Actually last night he was up but not really into it. Last night he was even snoring. He apologized, but I didn’t point it out for an apology. I just wanted him to be aware in case there was an issue. Not like the other night when I was snoring and he poked me and told me to stop it. (He was not sleeping well and I wasn’t helping the situation.) Apparently my snoring bothers him more than his bothers me. At any rate, there has been no play in the Lion’s den for a few nights. He promises tonight will be different.

It never bothers me when he doesn’t want to play. Even if I have elaborate plans I don’t mind if he isn’t up for it. We’ll play when he’s ready. It’s not like I’m cracking a whip. I don’t want him to feel any pressure. I know he wants to play. That’s never in question. As long as he has a pulse, he’ll want to play. Sometimes outside forces conspire against him. Or, in the case of his allergies, inside forces.

Tonight is punishment night. Once again he has nothing on his list. That’s not a problem. I’ll do some “just because” swats. Last time they were slightly harder than maintenance swats, which is strange because that’s all they really are. I haven’t decided if they should be as hard as punishment swats or not. It’s entirely up to me, I know. It’s almost like I’m punishing him for not requiring any punishment. That works, in a backwards sort of way. I don’t need a reason to whomp him.

With any luck, he’ll be less itchy tonight and we’ll have a good ol’ edging session. I still have to reduce him to a puddle at some point. What luck! The weekend is almost here again. A perfect time for play.