Lion’s Roar

I wasn’t sure Lion wanted to play last night. We’d settled in to watch TV and the Box O’Fun was between us. He made no move to choose anything. Finally, I asked if he wanted a night off or if he wanted to delve into the Box O’Fun. He wanted fun.

His first two picks were do-overs. I pulled one out and put the other one back. His next pick was coated clothespins. I asked if he wanted to use his do-over or go for the clothespins. He opted for the clothespins.

These clothespins have tread tape on them for extra grip. I decided I should make a porcupine of Lion’s balls. I haven’t done it in a while and I don’t usually do it with the nastier clothespins, but he wants excitement so… When I pulled them off I made sure to drag some of them so get even more grip from the tread tape. Of course, my weenie was standing tall. He always gets excited when the boys get attention.

While I put the clothespins away, I invited Lion to lay across the bed for some oral fun. I was pretty full from lunch still and then we had dinner so I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to suck him but I figured I’d go as long as I could. Without the clothespins, my weenie seemed a little deflated. He never did regain the full hard-on he had when his friends were being pinched.

As I sucked him, I thought he made a noise like he was near the edge. I stopped but he wasn’t. At some point, I guess because he was not as hard as I thought he should be, I decided I was going to take an orgasm whether he wanted to give it up or not. A little while later, he did make the noise that meant an orgasm was coming. And boy was it!

Actually the first noise wasn’t it. The second noise was more of a roar and I got a real mouthful of Lion cream filling. Yum! I don’t know where he’s been hiding it, but I’m glad he finally shared. I might go so far as to say it was the biggest orgasm he’s ever had. At least, that I know of. It was both noisy and productive. It was great. I look forward to many more just like it.

[Lion — It was an amazing orgasm. I can never tell how much semen I produce, but this orgasm felt amazing. It almost hurt!]


    1. Aside from fluid production, it felt amazing!

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