Poor Lion is suffering. He is so horny he just keeps telling me how horny he is, especially after I’ve teased him. Is it my fault I’m so good at teasing him? Yeah. Sort of. But he’s encouraged me so he gets part of the credit. Practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice, I decided that even though Lion had nothing on his punishment list, I needed practice swatting and he needed practice not moving. I didn’t give him many swats, but they were fairly hard. He yelled into the pillow but he stayed still.

Last night I pulled out my small bag of tricks; the one with the clothespins, Velcro and a piece of rope, among other things. The first thing my hand touched was the tiny dollhouse clothespins. Lion cringed. I asked if he was sure he didn’t want them on the head of my cock. He most assuredly did not. I said I’d wait until he was even more horny. He said there was no amount of horniness that would make him alright with those tiny clothespins. That’s OK. I hadn’t planned on using them anyway.

I was after the boring old regular clothespins. No rough sandpaper coating. No mean, plastic ones. Just regular strength wooden ones. I put one on each booby. He hates that I call his nipples “boobies”. That’s exactly why I do it. I told him it was payback for all the women’s boobies he’s pinched and clothespinned. He insisted those women loved it. I’m sure they did, but I remembered once when he pinched my nipple as he was falling asleep. I didn’t appreciate that at all.

I proceeded to load up my balls with clothespins while stroking Mr. Weenie. I took the clothespins off his boobies and continued to stroke him. Eventually he was close so I stopped stroking and pulled off a few clothespins. They may or may not hurt going on, but they hurt more coming off. I repeated this process until all the clothespins were off and Lion was a horny puddle. He dripped pre-cum for about an hour afterwards. I think he was even dripping after I locked him away with a kiss on the tip of my weenie.

The poor thing. He says I only laugh at him when he says he’s horny. Not true. I say, “Good!” After all, a horny boy is what I’m going for.