Light My Fire

I don’t know what made me think of Icy Hot last night. I could have chosen clothespins or a rope. Maybe it was because Lion mentioned hot balls a few days ago. I thought he meant when I swat his balls. He meant Icy Hot. Okay. I’m game.

Have we ever used the spray? I have no idea. Lion bought it when he saw it advertised a long time ago. Last night, he complained that it was maximum strength. I pulled out the tube of Icy Hot. It’s maximum strength too. Apples to apples. So I lifted his balls up and sprayed some below. He grimaced immediately. It couldn’t possibly have been hot that soon. While he was getting used to the heat, I was playing with my weenie. He was betraying Lion by getting hard. Lion told me when I got to a grip that felt the best. I have filed that away for future reference.

Eventually, the heat started to dissipate and I asked Lion if he wanted to lay across the bed. I teased Lion that the Icy Hot smell in my face was going to clear my sinuses. It was a fairly strong smell even if it was losing its heat. I don’t think I actually got him to the edge, but I got him pretty close. He enjoyed himself.

Before I started sucking him, I told him I was just playing with my food. It’s been six days (now seven) since his orgasm. I think he can wait a little while longer. I know that changes the orgasm experiment, but maybe we’re past that. I can always go back to giving him an orgasm more often if he has trouble again. For now, I’d like to tease him some more. I’ll still let him know when I expect an orgasm versus when I don’t. He will still get spanked accordingly.

I like to change things up on him to keep him on his toes. I’m in charge. I can do that.