Spanking Blisters And Arguing Overlooked

It hurts to sit. It’s been two days since Mrs. Lion spanked me. It may be more uncomfortable than yesterday. Aside from the soreness, there’s an itch too. That’s probably part of the healing process. I’m not complaining. It shows that Mrs. Lion is effective when she wants to punish me. Boy is she! Yesterday, we discussed some of the physical questions that come up during a strong spanking. Mrs. Lion is concerned about doing real damage. It’s difficult to really injure a bottom with a paddle. She worried about hitting bruises.

Hitting a bruise isn’t a great idea. It’s serious if you use a cane or whip. The force they can deliver could break the skin and potentially do deeper muscle injury. Even then, I’m not aware of damage requiring medical attention. It’s true that I bleed a little and show red marks under my skin. I’m sure this is because I take blood thinners, which makes it easier to mark me. Mrs. Lion said that she saw areas that appeared swollen. I felt them after she finished. She worried that hitting those areas might injure me. For the record, those spots didn’t develop into bruises or sore spots. I decided to do some research.

Accounts of disciplinary spankings include mention of swelling, white spots, and blisters. Based on the pictures Mrs. Lion took right after she spanked me show minimal swelling and some very obvious blisters (See image, right). I’ve read several references to these. None of the experienced paddlers considered swelling or blisters as reasons to stop. They did say that these marks are signs of an effective spanking. From what I’ve read, white areas seem to be the next stage a chastised bottom displays. These signs are fairly new to both of us, and I appreciate that Mrs. Lion was cautious. I think it’s safe to hit these areas. At least experiment and see the outcome. I’ll hate it.  Of course, that’s the idea.

Mrs. Lion wrote that we had some minor disagreements, and it apparently bothered her that I argued with her. I have no memory of this. I don’t remember her growling at me. I know that she is concerned about picking her battles. Punishing me for arguing is no different than punishing me for getting food on my shirt or forgetting to set up the coffee pot. If she consistently observes and reacts, I will learn. It’s what we both want.

I think I understand why she didn’t pursue these offenses. Because they bother her as opposed to external unemotional rules, it seems to cause her to hesitate. Punishing me for arguing is no different from getting food on my shirt. They don’t put our relationship at risk. It’s what I want. OK?