Spanking As Art

lion head paddle
This lion head paddle is a work of art. If we get it, I will get to enjoy it visually and viscerally. Click here to visit the craftsman’s site.

Every so often, when I’m in a masochistic mood, I go paddle shopping. Usually, it doesn’t result in a purchase. Truth be told, Mrs. Lion has more paddles than she can ever use. Also, spankings in our house are of a disciplinary nature, even when there is no offense to punish. Those spankings are to help Mrs. Lion develop her technique and for me to remember my place. Unlike BDSM-style spankings of yore, they don’t cater to my desire for thud or sting.

Mrs. Lion has settled on her spanking spoon (I think) as her go-to lion-disciplining tool. Its long handle and new golf-club grip suit her needs—more about that in a bit. Anyway, I found a paddle that may not be very suitable for spanking me but is truly a work of art. It’s the lion engraved paddle illustrated here. Its odd shape and rather sharp edges suggest it may not work well for hards swats but could make an interestingly-shaped mark on my bottom. It’s 3/4-inch thick and definitely a bruiser.

I suppose it is odd for me to consider implements designed to punish me as art. I can’t help it. Spanking-as-punishment is relatively new to me. For most of my adult life, it was a very hot BDSM activity. Ok, it still is. Yes, thinking about getting spanked arouses me even though I know that I will absolutely hate it when Mrs. Lion spanks me. I don’t like the pain one bit. Yet, we both know I need it.

Even if you don’t share our interest in spanking, I think you probably agree that the lion paddle is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Almost all of our paddles are examples of very good craftsmanship. Most are also diabolically painful when applied to my bare bottom.

If paddles can be considered art, can the results they produce also be evaluated in aesthetic terms? Mrs. Lion tries to produce an even, dark shade of red over most of my ass and upper thighs. This is a challenge since I don’t redden easily. It takes work and extensive application of a paddle to get my hindquarters a deep red. I suspect that the spanking spoon isn’t the best tool to develop the base color. When applied with sufficient force, its face is small and is as likely to bruise as reddening. A lighter, larger paddle is probably best for background color.

Those paddles tend to sting a lot. I wouldn’t say I like sting, in case you want to know. Ok, you don’t. Anyway, several minutes with a lighter paddle will produce a nice red. Then, switching to the trusty spanking spoon will result in those marks Mrs. Lion likes and that I will feel for several days. Of course, if she doesn’t care about painting my rear, then the spanking spoon or another heavy paddle will produce the DWC results.

From my reading, it’s clear that the DWC and other domestic discipline advocates don’t care about aesthetics in either the paddle or the look of a spanked bottom. I know that Mrs. Lion has mentioned going for a nice red color. Based on my last punishment, I think she has lost interest in the visual appeal of my ass. She wants it to hurt while she spanks me and for days afterward. I can’t argue with that. I support it. I’m advocating ten-minute minimum spankings. I know how my bottom will look after one of them.


  1. That is a gorgeous paddle. But I think you’re correct when you say those sharp edges might do unintended damage.

    1. Author

      I’m sure it would cause bleeding. We have another paddle with hearts cut out that also causes blood. We couldn’t resist buying it because it is beautiful. Mrs. Lion only used it once. It didn’t really injure me, but it did break the skin. Heart Paddle

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