Orgasm Training

Working back in the office is more distracting than working from home. I’d think it would be the other way around. I also have a more challenging time figuring out what day it is when I’m in the office. I guess I’m just backward. The other day I had a headache and was concerned I was getting a cold. It’s also interesting that I didn’t feel sick until I went back to work in the office. I was OK at home. Oh well.

I wasn’t sure Lion would want to play last night. He was snoozing when I got home. We watched a nature program, and I think he was a little distracted, but he was still getting hard. I finally asked if he wanted to come out from under the blankets. He did. I know I said I was going to start anal training, but I haven’t so far. I’ve been running some errands after work, so instead of walking in the door and snuggling in with Lion, I’ve had to take care of a few things. By the time I get the dinner dishes done, I’ve forgotten all about anal training.

Lion seemed excited enough to make it to the edge, but sometimes he’s hard to start with and fizzles out as we go. We have a theory that he needs a sort of orgasm training. I joked that I’d make him come every night like I did when we first started male chastity. I knew he probably wouldn’t be able to do that, but I did want to encourage more orgasms. With that in mind, unless I get too tired or he gets soft, I’ve been marching toward the edge.

Luckily, Lion stayed hard and started making I’m-getting-closer noises. It was taking a while, and I was sweating, but I got him there. He usually asks if he produced much cum. It wasn’t a lot, but I did get some. I assume he’ll make less if he gets more orgasms, but I’ve never been able to figure out the volume versus wait time. I want to say his wait time was seven days this time around. Does that mean if he comes in five days, he’ll have less? Not necessarily. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation. And it really doesn’t matter. While I love getting a mouthful of Lion cream filling, it’s more important to me that it feels good for him. I’ll get my yummy goodness eventually.

Tonight might just be snuggling and idly playing with my weenie, but I don’t expect much interest. I may be wrong. I encourage all interest. We are in training, after all.


  1. Cooking dinner and anal training do not mix well. That’s why you forgot about them.

  2. I wonder if there is an optimal number of days between orgasms.

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