Watch Out Behind

Yesterday I didn’t mind being at the office. Of course, I had a few coworkers to talk to. Today I’m stuck with one who doesn’t talk at all. Add to that the fact that my left contact bothered me so much I had to take them out and now my glasses are fogging up because of the mask. I’m not a happy camper.

Last night I made meatloaf and mac and cheese. Lion likes ketchup on his meatloaf. My mother used to put tomato sauce on top of it so I tried it. The lion wasn’t impressed. I don’t think he liked the mac and cheese much either. Oh well. Live and learn.

Being full of meatloaf and mac and cheese did not deter me from sucking Lion. He was hard and stayed hard for quite a while. I never got him to the edge before he was done for the night. This morning I was wondering if I might have been too intense in my sucking. I tried to keep non-stop pressure just under the head. I think it felt good but might have been too much. Maybe I need to vary things more. Or maybe I need to start off slow and build intensity as he gets closer. Of course, if I don’t do some intense things first, he may never get very far. Good thing I like to experiment so much and I have a very willing test subject.

I think Lion has a butt plug in his future. I can insert it before my shower so it works its magic and then maybe I’ll move it around when I’m ready to play with him. It doesn’t have to be extensive. Since it’s the first time we’re trying it again, maybe I’ll only remove it and put it back a few times. I’m certainly not going to be yanking it out and jamming it back in. We may get to that point, but we’re not going to start out there.

No matter what I decide to do to him, it’s all part of trying to get him back to “normal”. He may never get back to where he was when he was 20 but think of all the fun we’ll have trying.


  1. When I go out to get some groceries I have to wear a mask. I hate it because I wear glasses that steam up but I’m happy to comply with the rules. I usually make a joke out of it with the cashier, telling her that I have to choose between not being able to see and not being able to see! ?

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