Anal Invader

We are in for a windstorm today and some snow Sunday into Monday. I was finally going to put away the supplies from our power outage of a few weeks ago, but maybe I’ll just leave them where they are. We might need them again.

I think Lion was too tired from making the stew to do anything last night. I started playing with my weenie and he started making the unmistakable noises of snoozing. He swears he wasn’t sleeping, but a little while after I gave up, he was snoring. We may try earlier tonight. He does better when it’s earlier and, of course, he isn’t making stew so he should have more energy. I, on the other hand, have a lot to do around here. But I’m used to being up and about more than Lion is so I should be fine.

Depending on how Lion’s legs are doing, we might try some anal fun. I don’t want to make him kneel on the bed if his legs hurt. He’s already somewhat unsteady. Just inserting a butt plug shouldn’t be a problem. He wouldn’t be on his knees for very long. I know he wants to start anal training and that involves moving the butt plug in and out, but I think he needs to get used to having an anal invader before we go any further.

Lion is probably looking forward to playing with the new toy he bought. It’s perfect in that it starts out small and increases in size fairly slowly. It’s not like butt plugs that can start out small but quickly get wider. Plus, as it moves in and out, he’ll be stretching and relaxing over and over again. That’s the hard part about anal training. Another plus is that it’s glass so it should be easy to clean. I appreciate that.

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