Lost Toy? His Ass!

lion anal discomfort
Easy! It’s starting to hurt.

It’s true that a lot of our toys are out of sight, out of mind. I bought Lion that cock ring, wrist restraint, nipple clamp getup and never made him wear it. The spiky thong was worn once. I’m not sure why some toys are used and others aren’t. Maybe they seemed like a good idea at the time and then it doesn’t pan out. However, when we’re actively trying out new things, they do tend to get used.

I was doing anal training with Lion about a week ago. Then I stumbled onto the blow job idea and ran with that. I guess I thought we couldn’t do both. Why not? I didn’t have any problem doing anal training followed by a hand job. The hand jobs were largely a waste of time since he’s grown bored with them, but I still tried. Why not substitute oral sex for a hand job?

I guess that’s what I did at first. I mean, that first night I did anal training and then sucked him. But something in my mind must have changed it because he really enjoyed being sucked even if he didn’t get to the edge. At that moment, it became an experiment. How long could he go “just” being sucked? And, oddly, I even thought we were actually doing something like enforced chastity again. Not that I was doing much of the enforcing since he couldn’t make it to the edge. But I was somehow controlling him again.

Rather than kill myself to get him to the edge, I was deciding when to give up. The Mrs. Lion timer was deciding it. Was my neck getting sore? Let’s stop. Was my jaw tired? Let’s stop. Was I running out of saliva? Let’s stop. And Lion still loved it! He was frustrated because he was getting hornier, but he wasn’t frustrated because he hadn’t gotten an orgasm. I used to think he needed to get to the edge to get hornier and frustrated. And, yes, I realize he was frustrated because I didn’t get him to the edge or give him an orgasm. The point is, he was happy with oral attention no matter when it stopped.

I know I’ve always had the power to stop, but I never wanted to disappoint Lion. I see it as my job to turn him on and get him to the edge. When he can’t make it, he apologizes to me. I think that’s silly. I should apologize to him. In reality, neither of us needs to apologize. Things go well. Things don’t go well. Life goes on.

I was planning on going back to anal training last night anyway. We’d gotten quite far and then I just stopped. The vibrating butt plug was charged. We were in business.

The butt plug is large, but I thought I could use its gradual increase in size to stretch Lion again. Not so. I had to start again with my fingers. And even with four fingers in, he couldn’t accept the butt plug. He’s suggested we go back to the training butt plug and start over. There’s no rush. We can take all the time we need.

After I cleaned him up, cleaned the butt plug and put everything away, I decided to go right to sucking him. I paid some attention to his balls and then started playing with his weenie. He made a comment that for someone who likes when he gets hard in my mouth, I was doing a lot to get him hard before he ever made it in. He doesn’t have to get hard in my mouth all the time. I like to play with my food all sorts of ways. I asked if he was critiquing me and he said,

“No, ma’am!”

I didn’t think so.

I didn’t consciously make the decision to go until he had an orgasm. I had no idea if he was going to get there or not. I just teased him with my mouth and I knew he was going to come if I kept going. So I kept going. I didn’t think about how many days he’d waited or whether letting him come would derail our experiment. And I was rewarded for my efforts by a nice full ejaculation. Yum!

[Lion– It was 9 days]

I did wonder afterwards if it was the anal play or my mouth that made him more excited, but it doesn’t really matter. He had a wonderful orgasm after many days of wonderful torture. And when he’s ready we can start all over. Will it be all oral next time? I don’t know. I have a feeling if we do nothing but oral, he’ll get just as bored as he’s become with hand jobs. I don’t want that.

The key, obviously, is to mix things up. It’s my job to keep him guessing. It’s my job to keep him happy.

[Lion — I think the anal play stimulates my prostate. Contrary to Internet crap, the prostate doesn’t contribute much liquid to semen, but I think the stimulation there triggers my semen factory to go to work.]