Beef Stew and Back to Work

We had a nice evening watching TV last night. Lion was still basking in the glow of his orgasm from the night before. I don’t know when he’ll be horny again, but I figure I’ll give it a shot tonight. If he doesn’t want any attention for my weenie, we’ll snuggle.

We were supposed to have beef stew last night. I thought Lion was too busy trying to make the lockbox thing work. He kept calling me away from my desk to set up a password or say a phrase. It was taking quite a long time. Aside from that, he said he finally got past a little writer’s block and was busily writing away. We’re having stew tonight, and the house smells wonderful.

On Monday, against my better judgment, I’m returning to work. I like working from home, and I don’t see why I can’t continue. The big boss says they need me there to answer questions. With three offices, most of my contact with coworkers is by email or phone anyway. Since I’ve been home, only my immediate boss has called me, and she’s frequently in the other offices, so she’d be calling anyway. One of the coworkers who share my office says she misses my face, and she’ll be happy to have me back. We talk a lot throughout the day, and we do ask each other questions so that that part will be nice. I’ll get to see other coworkers I’ve missed and coworkers I could do without. I like the option of not getting dressed for work and not wearing a mask. And, of course, I’ll miss Lion. I’m thinking of doing a job search to see if I can find something I can do from home. My boss was shocked when I told her that. She didn’t think working from home was really possible. What have I been doing all this time?

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  1. I have been working from home since last March , company has now made it permanent which suits me fine. We have plenty of contact by phone/teams/zoom so it’s a win win in my opinion. And I get to work naked too

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