Internet is Lost in Space

Lion and I are both limping along in our phones’ hotspots. Sometimes it limps. Other times it’s faster than our regular internet. According to the ISP, we don’t have power and that’s why we don’t have internet service. Problem. We do have power. And we can’t even get a live person to report that to. It’s very frustrating. I thought the thing I missed most while the power was out was a hot shower. I guess internet comes in a close second.

When I finished the dinner dishes last night, I grabbed the smaller Njoy butt plug and some lube. I held the butt plug in my hand to warm it up a bit. I didn’t want to shock Lion’s ass when cold metal touched him. However, we were both very indecisive about actually using it. Lion said he didn’t mind if I wanted to do it. I said it was okay with me. He said we could just play and use the butt plug tonight. I agreed. And then we tried to play.

It was coming up on 9 o’clock when we started. I don’t remember if Lion had any naps before or during dinner. I was tired and still achy from all the power failure work, but then I’m usually tired anyway. I wasn’t getting very far with my weenie and Lion said he didn’t know how far we’d get. We decided the best course of action is to start earlier today. I have no idea if we actually will. I’m trying to make up some time for work. I don’t know what Lion’s plans are for the afternoon. I’m not even sure what he’s been doing today.

If I decide not to play early he’ll tell me he was just waiting for me. He would have been available any time I wanted him. If I decide to play, he’ll say he’s busy and just give him a minute that turns into a half hour or more. That’s the way it goes with us. One is ready when the other one isn’t and vice versa. That’s one reason we play around 8 pm. We’re both in the same spot, ready to watch TV and we can always pause for fun.

I doubt he realizes it but I have been growling at Lion for a few days. Not constantly, of course. He’s interrupted me a few times and I’ve had to raise my voice to let him know. I’ve also said, “As I was going to say…” to give him more of a clue that he interrupted. I was considering following up with a paddle. Maybe I will if he interrupts again within a short period of time.

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  1. “As I was going to say…”
    This phrase itself is a pressure on the psyche. But you can also paddle …

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