Playing In My Backyard

We finally got our electricity back. Internet is still out. Mrs. Lion and I are using our cell hotspots to access the Net. The most difficult thing about not having our regular Internet is that our smart house loses any vestige of intelligence. We control our lights using our Amazon Echos. Even the thermostat needs Internet connectivity. When things are working, all we do is ask Alexa to turn the lights on and off, turn on the TV, tune it to the channel we want, set the temperature, etc. It’s a regular Jetson life. We even have a robot vacuum named Rosie that we control with Alexa. No Internet, no Alexa, and things get complicated.

Both of us have been too tired for sex. I haven’t been particularly interested. Poor Mrs. Lion has a sore back from all the lifting and bending she had to do to set up and take down the power cords for our generator.

I am really looking forward to a shower and possible playtime. It doesn’t have to be anal. Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday that anal play requires her to stand behind me. I kneel on the side of the bed with my butt in the air facing the edge of the bed. I don’t see why I couldn’t move inland a bit. That way, Mrs. Lion could sit behind me. Or maybe I could lie flat, and she could sit next to me. Or, just put it off until she feels able to play in my backyard comfortably. I’m happy to wait.