Something To Talk About This New Year

It’s 2021 at last! In less than a month Donald Trump will become a bad memory. I’m hoping that memory will fade fast. Nothing has happened on the sexual front (or back) in about a week. I’m fine with that. I’ve managed to avoid punishment, though it was close at times. New Year’s Eve was very quiet. That’s no surprise. We never do much then. I haven’t made any resolutions other than to attempt to survive. One day I hope to eat in a restaurant again. That would be a welcome change. I’d even enjoy getting out of the house. It’s been weeks since I’ve been outside. I haven’t had pants on in about a month. Chalk it off to hibernation.

I am very excited that my first book is available in paperback form right now. The Kindle version will release on Monday (you can preorder now). This is the first time I have promoted anything I’ve done here on the blog. Mrs. Lion and Julie of helped me immensely. I am very grateful to them.

Obviously, I do a lot of writing. We are in our eighth year here. Our 5,000th post will publish before June. That’s a lot of writing. Even with all this blogging, I was unprepared for the challenge of creating fiction. A typical book is between 80 and 90 thousand words. It’s not easy keeping the plot and characters straight in 350 pages of text. Mrs. Lion and Julie caught my slips. Anyway, I’m learning a new skill. It took a while to learn to write a daily post. It is going to take me more than one book to come close to mastering fiction writing.

I’ve started the second book in the series. It’s going slow right now. Like blogging, writing of any kind requires consistent, daily effort. I try to write one post here and at least 10 pages of fiction every day. It’s my job. Consistency is critical for me. That also holds true in the other areas of my life. Our domestic discipline has been neglected. Neither of us seems to feel motivated. On Friday, I got some sauce on my t-shirt. Admittedly, it was on the very bottom; the part you would tuck in if you wore pants. When I informed Mrs. Lion, I got an “Mmmmf.” I absolutely wasn’t looking for a spanking. I was surprised that I didn’t even get a warning. Mrs. Lion must be tired of it too.

I’m not inclined to lobby for more punishments. They hurt. On the other hand, are we letting our disciplinary relationship wither on the vine? Both of us are good at that. We should either continue consistently or decide to stop for a while or forever. It’s something to talk about this new year.


  1. Perhaps you have proved that spanking DOES work in deterring bad behaviour? Mr Lion’s behaviour is now acceptable and Mrs Lion can be proud that she achieved the goal of a well-disciplined husband who accepts that Mrs Lion is the one who is in charge. Well done Mrs Lion. Your strict discipline has paid dividends. All that spanking was not in vain. ?

    1. Author

      Spanking has been a big positive for our marriage. We both agree about that.

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