Mojo, Butt Plug, And Book Sales

Over the last few days, I haven’t written much. I attributed my lack of mojo to the power failure and the loss of our Comcast internet. Maybe they had something to do with it, but it seems more likely that I couldn’t decide how to move things along in the plot. I mentioned this once before, forgive the repetitiveness: Lester Del Ray, the science fiction author, once told me that getting involved in your own plot when writing is literary suicide. I get it. Writing fiction is work and requires planning and careful execution. Too bad. Sometimes I want to dive into the story. Oh well.

I also discovered that I get ravenous when I write fiction. Writing a post doesn’t seem to affect my appetite, but fiction is murder. I’m not burning any calories. It must be the stress of keeping all those balls in the air. Speaking of literary stress, I can’t find a way to let people know about my book. My friend Julie of has been wonderful about letting her readers know about it. She is a terrific writer, and her book, Julie’s Spankings, is a scorching book about a young wife’s spanking adventures.

My own adventures have picked up again. Mrs. Lion is ready to begin anal activity. I asked her to hold off the first two times, but now my freebies are probably over, and the NJoy plug will be nestling where the sun don’t shine. Even without BDSM, I was effectively edged on Friday night. Mrs. Lion had a problem with my body position. We will experiment to see if we can’t improve things next time she decides to suck me.

This might be my imagination, but I’m not seeing any new bloggers on male chastity or spanking. I realize it takes time to be discovered, but there seems to be less activity. I checked in at the chastity forums, and the activity there is relatively light. The posts I read are largely from more experienced people.

Since we are starting our eighth year of male chastity, our posts aren’t terribly helpful to beginners. We do have useful content for novices, but not a lot of new writing for them. By the way, Male Chastity Journal will celebrate its seventh anniversary on February 7. Our first post was on February 7, 2014. This post is our 4,736th post. That’s a lot of writing!

It might be that the desire to blog ebbs and flows. More likely, the blog and the forum are no longer popular outlets for people to discuss these topics. That’s too bad. Other social media are a short form of design. Yes, you can blog on Instagram or Facebook, but the posts end up getting buried in newsfeeds. Only a dedicated blog allows readers to focus on a single publisher. Our readership has kept growing, so at least some new people are finding us.. Now, if I could only find a way to sell my book, Fan Mail.

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